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Beezes are bee-like third level Nightmarens and enemies in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Physical Appearance

Beezes are tiny bees who have a yellow round head with two red hearts on their forehead, purple colored eyes with pink eyelids and pointy eyelashes, and green antennas with pink triangular tips. They have a tiny squary thorax and big wings, both purple colored, and a round abdomen with purple, yellow and red stripes. On their bottom, they have a tiny green stinger covered by a bigger yellow colored one with a purple stripe.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Swarms of Beezes can be found in Delight City, Memory Forest and in Crystal Castle's Labyrinth Guide mission.[1] When they see NiGHTS, the Beezes will attack them with their stingers, damaging NiGHTS and making them lose five seconds from the timer.

A Beez Pod.

In both Delight City and Memory Forest, the Beezes are constantly spawned by floating, purple hive-like spawning units called Beez Pods, and the only way to make them stop spawning is by finding the Beez Pods and attacking them.

In Crystal Castle's third mission, the Beezes will try to attack Helen as she tries to guide Will through the level. Helen can protect herself by tossing Blue Chips at them.

In Memory Forest's second mission, the Beezes will try to once again, attack Helen as she tries to find NiGHTS. Helen can protect herself from the Beezes by tossing Blue Chips at them.

Defeating a swarm of Beezes or destroying their Pod will add 100 points for the player's score.


The Beez Mepians have a huge yellow head with a red heart in their forehead, purple eyes, pink eyelids, pointy eyelashes, a regular Nightopian halo and green antennas with pink triangular tips. Their torso is yellow with black stripes. Their wings are purple and resemble Beezes wings. Their feet are yellow with a purple spike.

The Beezes don't turn into orbs when they are attacked by NiGHTS. So to get a Beez Mepian, it's necessary to shoot a Beez Pod at the Nightopians.

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Beez are found in groups of five, and usually only in missions where you control Helen or Will. You can defeat them by throwing Blue Chips at them, or you can wait until they gather into a glowing group and get them all with one shot. You have to be quick though, though, because the glow means that they're about to attack!"[2]



  • Beezes are the smallest characters in the NiGHTS series.
  • Beez's name is a play word of the word "Bees".