Bomamba's pose from the second battle.

Bomamba is a second-level nightmaren from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. She is the boss for Helen's Crystal Castle.



Bomamba's arena is a giant, circular room with an opening in the ceiling (revealing the moon.) Down below there is a large, bubbling cauldron with various bookcases and bottles of green liquid littered around it. Also notable are the stained glass windows depicting her.


Bomamba is an old, green-skinned witch with a black tail. The pupil in her large yellow eyes is also slitted, like a cat's. She has no legs, instead balancing on a single, gold, top-like part. Bomamba's black cat minions have eyes just like her and balance on their tails (due to lack of a body)


Bomamba lets her cat minions attack for her, letting them loose on the triangle table she creates for them. Defeating her means defeating the cats, which can be rolled into the holes on the table by tilting from the sides. When going against her the very first time, only one table needs to be cleared, and there are rails around the holes. When facing her again, two tables must be cleared, with the first being railless and the second having the holes on raised hills. Once all the cats are put in the holes, the table will disappear, and she will fall into the cauldron below.