Bomamba, (ボマンバ Bomanba) also known as Bomamba the Witch, is a second-level Nightmaren and boss in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. She is a wicked cat witch.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Bomamba is a typical old wicked witch who has green skin and big, yellow, cat-like eyes and a black cat's tail. She's wearing a black long sleeve dress with red bells and a purple collar, and a pointy dark purple hat. She has no legs, and instead balances on a gold top-like part. Her cat minions are black, and they balance on their tails (due to a lack of a body).


Judging by how she acts during her boss battle, Bomamba is shown to not be very agressive and she appears to be strategist and calculating, as she tries to defeat NiGHTS by creating obstacles in her seal to make it harder for NiGHTS to defeat her minions and she waits the right moment to attack NiGHTS with her green energy blast.


NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Bomamba is Crystal Castle's boss and a Helen Nightmaren, who'll first attack after NiGHTS destroying all of the NiGHTS captures in the level. She later returns to a second and final fight after beating all of the Crystal Castle's missions. Her boss theme is called "Bony Bomamba".


Bomamba will create a magic seal with rails and holes, then drop her cat minions in it. The cat minions will try to reach NiGHTS and launch themselves into them to cause damage. Bomamba will also shot a green energy blast at NiGHTS everytime they fly above the seal.

To defeat Bomamba, the player must defeat all of her cat minions. To do this, they must move the seal and make the cats fall down into the holes. The cats have ball physics and will roll faster or slower depending on how much the seal is inclined. If they are rolling too fast, they may not fall into the holes. Once all of the cats fall, Bomamba will be defeated.

In the first battle, there is just one seal which has guardrails to make it easier to lead the cats to the holes. In the second battle, Bomamba will create two seals, each one with a whole wave of cat minions. The first seal is empty with only three holes in it and no guardrails. The second one has the holes above huge bumps.

After the second fight, Bomamba is last seen in a cutscene after the fight, where Wizeman sends her to the deepest of Nightmare as a punishment for failing at stopping NiGHTS.


Bomamba's arena is a typical witch's lair with stained glass windows featuring cat faces, an opening in the ceiling that reveals the moon and stars, and a gigantic bubbling cauldron down below her. A few bottles of what is most likely poison are also found lying around.

Spin-Off Appearances

NiGHTS Dream Wheel

Bomamba makes a small appearance in the NiGHTS-themed slot machine, NiGHTS Dream Wheel, in the game's skill bonus mode.[1]

Descriptions and Profiles

English Bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Bomamba is the boss of Crystal Castle, and this witchy woman has no intention of letting NiGHTS leave her lair. Bomamba attacks by hurling magical bolts at NiGHTS, and her black cats launch themselves at him in defence of their mistress. To defeat Bomamba, tilt her stage and cause her her feline companions to ball up and roll into the stage's holes. When all of her kitties are sunk, so is Bomamba."[2]


  • Bomamba is similar to Clawz from the first game; she is a cat-like second level Nightmaren who can only be defeated after NiGHTS defeating her traps. Her cat minions also resemble Clawz mice fireworks, as they have head but lack bodies and they launch themselves into NiGHTS.
  • It's unknown what level Bomamba's cat minions are. They are likely third level Nightmarens though or perhaps, they don't follow the usual level system at all.
  • Bomamba is one of the two Nightmarens to be shown getting punished on screen, the other being Donbalon.
  • If the player starts moving the seal right when Bomamba is about to shot her green energy blast, she will freeze in her charging animation until the player releases the seal.
  • In the cutscene where Reala introduces Bomamba to Wizeman, he refers to Bomamba with gender neutral (They/Their) pronouns.


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