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The Bonus Ball is a recurring item in the NiGHTS series.

NiGHTS into Dreams/Christmas NiGHTS

The bonus ball is a small, orange party ball. When NiGHTS passes through one, it will start following them. The Bonus Ball will give extra points for NiGHTS as they pass through rings and collects items.

Each Bonus Ball has a number above it. This number indicates how many links the player must do. If the player does the amount of links requested, the bonus ball will open and the points obtained while the ball was following NiGHTS will double. However, the player must do the amount of links requested fast, as the ball will stop following NiGHTS if they spend a few seconds without making links, consequently, interrupting the bonus points.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

The bonus ball returns to Journey of Dreams, where it has the same function as in the previous games.

In this game, they look like round shaped, purple presents with yellow stripes.



  • During Frozen Bell's second lap, there's a bonus ball which requests a total of 32 links. This is the highest amount of links requested by a bonus ball in all of the NiGHTS series.