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Cerberus, (ケルベロス Keruberosu) also known as Cerberus the Hellhound, is a second-level Nightmaren and boss in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. They are vicious dogs based on the mythological creature with the same name.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Cerberus appears as a creature made up of three different spheres linked together by chains. The ones in front have spiked collars and legs. One head is red and has an attribute of Fire. The second head is blue and has an attribute of Ice. The third head, which connects the other two heads together, is yellow and sports an attribute of Thunder. Like the other two heads, the third head has a spiked collar and a ring in its left ear.


Cerberus is a vicious dog who is feared by all of the Night Dimension beings, as Owl appears to have heard of Cerberus when Reala mentions them. Despite being a second level Nightmaren, Cerberus is even feared by NiGHTS and Reala, who are higher ranked than them, suggesting that Cerberus may be one of the strongests second level Nightmarens.

In a cutscene, Reala states that Cerberus is a mad old dog who'll devour anything in sight. Wizeman also warns Reala to be careful when trying to take control of them, otherwise Reala might become their prey, indicating that Cerberus is very dangerous and hard to work with.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Cerberus is Delight City's boss and a Will Nightmaren, who'll first attack after NiGHTS destroying all of the NiGHTS captures in the level. They later return to a second and final fight after beating all of the Delight City's missions. Their boss theme is called "Clashing Cerberus".


Cerberus will constantly chase NiGHTS and try to bite them. Though using the Rocket Persona, NiGHTS can easily keep enough distance from them.

To defeat the Cerberus, NiGHTS must yank on the orb connecting their chains to knock the heads of Fire and Ice together. The light on the center of the orb changes from blue to yellow to red, indicating how much damage has been done. Once again, the Rocket Persona may help NiGHTS reach the orb. Additionally, once they try to bite NiGHTS, the Cerberus will take briefly pauses and the player can also take this opportunity to approach them.

Cerberus third head in the second battle.

To defeat Cerberus in the second battle, the player must once again reach the orb connecting their chains. However this time around, the orb is revealed to be where the third thunder head is hidden, and now, every time NiGHTS tries to reach the orb, the thunder head will rise up with spikes on the orb. The player must hit the orb before letting that happen, otherwise, NiGHTS will take damage. Once again, the Rocket Persona is recommended.

After the second battle, Cerberus isn't seen again.


Cerberus' battle arena appears in Delight City, disguised as a dog's kennel. Once the player enters the arena, they find themselves in a null and endless void. The Cerberus lives in a spherical cage with big black crows flying around in it. It's unknown if these crows are Nightmarens or just part of the dimension that Cerberus created.

Other Appearances

  • NiGHTS Dream Wheel: Cerberus makes a small appearance in the NiGHTS-themed slot machine, NiGHTS Dream Wheel, in the game's skill bonus mode.[1]

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Named for the three-headed canine that guards the gate to Hades, this Second-level Nightmaren guards Delight City, and it's no less vicious than its namesake. Its multiple pairs of snappin jaws attack as one, and their solidarity is Cerberus' gretest strength. It's also the greatest weakness. The hellhounds are chained together on such a short leash that if you Touch-dash the ball that binds them, you knock their heads together with incredible force. DO that three times, and Cerberus runs back to Wizeman with its tail between its legs."[2]



  • Cerbeus is most likely one of the highests ranked second level Nightmarens next to Jackle from the first game. As they are feared even by NiGHTS and Reala, who are higher ranked nightmarens than them.
  • Cerberus appears to be a very famous Nightmaren, even among the residents from Nightopia, as even Owl appears to have heard of them.
  • It's implied in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams that Cerberus might have the habit of eating other Nightmarens.
    • Wizeman warns Reala to be careful when trying to take control of them, otherwise Reala might become their prey.
    • According to Reala, Cerberus is a mad old dog who'll devour anything in sight. Reala also warns NiGHTS to stay in the cage after imprisoning them, otherwise they might end up getting "gobbled up for dinner".
  • Cerberus is the only Will exclusive Nightmaren to not be circus themed.
  • Despite only appearing in one of Will’s dreams, it's unknown if the Cerberus actually has any sort of connection to Will. As Cerberus is confirmed to be an "old dog" by Reala and they are already very famous and feared by all of the Night Dimension residents.
  • Cerberus is not one dog with three heads, but two dog-like Nightmarens connected by a chain, which is actually the third dog.