Chamelan is a second-level nightmaren in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and is the boss of Will's Lost Park.



The arena for the fight with Chamelan is a strange void with a curtain-like background. The background is actually where Chamelan hides.


Chamelan is a chameleon (hence the name) and wears a fancy suit with the Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club suits all over it. He also wields a wand that he uses to fight NiGHTS.


Chamelan fights by summoning giant playing cards which are important in finding Chamelan himself. In order to find Chamelan, NiGHTS must look for the transparent card which is where Chamelan will probably be hiding. All NiGHTS has to do is paraloop where the card appears and that piece of cloth will disappear. After being revealed, Chamelan will be defeated. During the second fight, Chamelan uses bombs, but the fight is still pretty much the same.