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Cuttles are cuttlefish-like third level Nightmarens and enemies in NiGHTS into Dreams.

Physical Appearance

Cuttles are pink cuttlefishes with cyan colored eyes and eyelids, and eyelashes that are pink on one side and blue on the other. On the top of their head, there's a green triangular shaped cuttlefish mantle with three triangles, and on their bottom, they have five small cuttlefish arms with green and blue stripes, plus a small spike on the bottom.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Cuttles can only be found in Stick Canyon. After Elliot dualize with NiGHTS, the Cuttles throughout the level will create triangles of electricity underneath themselves with the help of two green spike balls which will make NiGHTS' drill dash meter drop to zero if the latter passes through them.

The only way that it's possible for NiGHTS to pass through a Cuttle's eletric triangle and not lose the drill dash is by using the Touch-Loop, a move where NiGHTS grabs a Nightmaren and paraloops them.

Defeating a Cuttle will add 200 points for the player's score.


The Cuttle Mepians will have a pink triangular face with pink eyes and Cuttle's green cuttlefish mantle on the top of their heads with small yellow triangles. Their torso is pink and is also triangular shaped, and their arms and legs are green with two blue stripes, resembling Cuttle's cuttlefish arms.

A Cuttle Mepian egg is green with a blue stripe and is triagular shaped.

Other Appearances

  • Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams: Cuttle's render appears in the concept art.
  • NiGHTS Flying Through the Sky Without Wings: A Cuttle makes a small appearance when the Nightmarens start attacking Nightopia.
  • Sonic Pinball Party: Cuttles appear in the Stick Canyon table as enemies. Defeating a Cuttle adds 200 points to the score.



  • Cuttles are one of the three Nightmarens in NiGHTS into Dreams whose attacks won't take five seconds from the timer, the other two are Shleeps and Snips.
  • Cuttles and Snips were the only third level Nightmarens in NiGHTS into Dreams who never stole a visitor's ideya at the beginning of the level.
  • The Scaropions from Journey of Dreams are similar to the Cuttles, as both are Nightmarens that only appear in a desert thematic level and both create an obstacle underneath themselves.