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The Dash Ball is a recurring item in the NiGHTS' series.


When NiGHTS passes through a Dash Ball, they are blown away into the direction the ball is pointing. The Dash Ball has the same function in all of the NiGHTS games.


  • Fish-Like Dash Balls: During Gulpo boss fight, the player must use small fishes with the exact same function as the Dash Ball to attack Gulpo.
  • Crystal Castle's Dash Ball: Crystal Castle features a special Dash Ball which not only blows NiGHTS but also turns them giant.

Other Appearances

  • Sonic Pinball Party: The Dash Ball appears in all of the NiGHTS pinball tables. Curiously, they make the ring sound when used.
  • Sonic Lost World: Two Dash Balls appeared in the Nightmare Zone DLC. They launch Sonic to a straight path after the boss waves.



  • The Dash Ball's function is identical to the Dash Panel's from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Curiously, the Dash Balls in the Nightmare Zone DLC from Sonic Lost World have a unique design, never-before-seen in the NiGHTS games.