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Delight City is a dream world in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and Will's third level. This level is also known as the Dream of Amusement and its music theme is Electric Entertainment.


Delight City is a casino thematic city that symbolizes growth. The first area is a playground with giant toys. The second area is the city. This level's boss is Cerberus and its hidden ideya is Will's Green Ideya.


Defeat Reala / Chase Mission

NiGHTS and Reala go one on one in a battle. When the player wins, Reala will trap NiGHTS once more in a cage and inform them that the hellhound Cerberus is coming for them. Will must climb up the chain to dualize with NiGHTS and chase after the Goodles to get their keys and unlock all the cages set for them. Once this is completed, the player will fight Cerberus for the first time. The Reala battle can only be replayed if the player chooses to replay the mission with cinematics.

Neon City Battle

The Neon City is attacked by a horde of Nightmarens. Will and NiGHTS dualize to track down and defeat the Nightmarens that are attacking the city and kidnapping Nightopians.

Link Challenge

NiGHTS and Will chase after another Octopaw to go through most of the rings he leaves behind. The player must, at least, get 30 or more Links before time runs out. Octopaw will spray ink after a number of rings, to confuse the player's trail.

Broadway Guide

Helen is transported to his world, and Will must escape through the Broadway maze and lead her to the Door so she can get to the Dream Gate and her own world. Will must take her quickly though before time runs out.

Clashing Cerberus

The player will fight against Cerberus for the second and last time. While the Fire head and Ice head were the only ones seen in the first encounter, this time the Thunder head reveals itself. NiGHTS must yank on the chain to knock the front heads together, stunning them momentarily. The second encounter is much harder, for when NiGHTS gets close enough to the middle orb, the Thunder head will appear and try to bite. Rocket NiGHTS will help you quickly get away or approach the center orb faster. When the feral hound explodes, the player gains the Green Ideya of Growth, the Dragon Persona, and the appearance of a mysterious stairway.




  • Delight City is similar to Stick Canyon from NiGHTS into Dreams, as both are levels symbolizing Growth and are the third level of their game's respective male visitors.
  • The Broadway Guide mission is the only walking mission with bottomless pits.
    • The Broadway Guide mission is also the only mission on Will's story where the player controls Will without NiGHTS, barrying Bellbridge's chase mission.