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The Dream Gate is a location in the Night Dimension and hub world in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. This location is also known as The Entrance of Dreams and its music theme is called When the Night Falls.


The Dream Gate is a large island floating in a night sky over what appear to be storm clouds. The main courtyard contains seven doors; only the doors on the left are available for Will, while only the doors on the right are available for Helen.

After recovering three Ideyas, giant stairs will mysteriously spawn on a hill behind the door for the Nightopian Garden. According to Owl, these stairs haven't appeared in the Dream Gate for thousands of years.

There is a fountain on the center of the level which shows how many Dream Drops the player has collected. Once the player collects all 60 Dream Drops, the fountain will start to release colorful water.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Both Will and Helen are transported to the Dream Gate after running away from the Nightmarens during their intro cutscene. There, they meet Owl and NiGHTS, who introduce the ability to dualize and ask if they'd like to try it. Once Will and Helen fuse with NiGHTS, the game starts the tutorial, where the player flies through the Dream Gate, learning about the gameplay.

After the tutorial ends, a door to Nightopia will appear. Everytime the player finishes a mission in a Nightopia, they will return to the Dream Gate. Cleaning the first mission in a Nightopia unlocks the door for the Nightopian Garden. Recovering an Ideya makes a treasure chest containing a Persona Mask spawn at the Dream Gate. Collecting three Ideyas will make giant stairs mysteriously spawn on a hill behind the door for the Nightopian Garden, which will send the visitors to Bellbridge. According to Owl, these stairs haven't appeared in the Dream Gate for thousands of years.

If the player has A grades on every mission, it will start snowing at the Dream Gate and the level's music theme will change for a instrummental version of Dreams Dreams ~ Sweet Snow.

Other Appearances

Worlds Unite

The Dream Gate in Worlds Unite.

The Dream Gates makes a small appeance in the comic book crossover, Worlds Unite.

NiGHTS and Reala were fighting at the Dream Gate, when Sigma sends Storm Eagle and Storm Owl to attack their world. NiGHTS and Reala stop their battle and join forces for once, only to fight against the new enemies. After a while, Miles "Tails" Prower and Air Man arrive to help and together, they defeat the Mavericks.

Tails and Air Man ask NiGHTS and Reala if they would like to join the battle against Sigma. NiGHTS greatly accepts the invitation while Reala on the other hand, doesn't. However, he is ordered by Wizeman to join forces with them, as Wizeman does not want Sigma to challenge his conquest for Nightopia.

NiGHTS Dream Wheel

The Dream Gate makes a small appearance in the NiGHTS-themed slot machine, NiGHTS Dream Wheel, after defeating Wizeman in the game's skill bonus mode.[1]



Unused door texture.

  • By inspecting the game files, it is possible to find an unused texture of the Japanese-looking door with "Dream Forest" written in Japanese kanji on it. It is possible that this is how the Dream Gate's doors would originally look like.
    • It is unknown if this door would be Memory Forest's door, or the door of a different level.