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Dream Valley is an unlockacle NiGHTS themed circuit in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The circuit is based on Spring Valley and it is NiGHTS and Reala home track.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

The Dream Valley is unlocked along with the Chilly Castle, the Graffiti City and the Sanctuary Falls circuits by beating the Rouge Cup. It is also the first circuit in the Emerald Cup.


The track starts with a flying section, with rings which give boost to the racers and giant Shleeps, Kircles and Alarm Eggs flying around as obstacles that will slow down racers who hit them.

At the end of the first segment, there is a door which sends the racers to Nightmare. Each lap the door sends them to a different location. In the first one, it sends the racers to Gillwing's lair, where giant flowers and rocks appear as obstacles and Gillwing himself makes a cameo flying around. In the second one, it sends the racers to Puffy's mansion, where Puffy makes a cameo and opens the path for the racers, by breaking her mansion's walls. Lastly, in the third lap, the racers are sent to Wizeman's lair, where Wizeman will make a cameo and will try to slow down the racers by throwing meteors at them.

At the end of the Nightmare segment, there will be a door which will transport the players back to Nightopia, and a boat segment in a river will begin. At the end of the river, there's a giant Ideya Palace which will turn their boats back into planes. Before the finishing line, there'll be a small plane segment and the finishing line will be surrounded by four giant Ideya Captures.

The intro theme for the track is a remix of "After the Dream". The track played during the Nightopia segments is a remix of "Paternal Horns" and during the Nightmare one, it is a remix of "NiGHTS and Reala".




  • This is the only circuit to not feature car segments.
  • This is the only circuit to feature unique boosts, these being the rings in the first segment.
  • This is the second time Spring Valley appears in a Sega Superstars game.
  • The Giant Shleeps that appear in the circuit have their NiGHTS into Dreams design (where they have a red clown nose) while the Shleeps that appear as paitings on Puffy's mansion have their Journey of Dreams design (where they have a black nose).