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The Drill Dash, also known as the Drill Attack, is an advanced flying technique and one of NiGHTS' two main attacks. It is a move which allows it's user to spin and fly faster.


The Drill Dash is an ability which was not only used by first level Nightmarens, but also by visitors and even by Murtles when they are disguised as NiGHTS.

The Drill Dash allows its user to spin while flying. This makes the user flies faster and attack enemies nearby.

The player shall pay attention when using the Drill Dash, as it causes the Drill Dash meter (also known as the Dash Power) in the lower left-corner of the screen to deplete. To fill the drill dash meter, NiGHTS must fly through Rings, which will recover a small amount of Dash Power.

All Dash Power Panel in NiGHTS into Dreams.

There is also a recurring Power Panel in the games called "All Dash"/"Dash Power", which will restore the Drill Dash meter entirely when collected.



  • The Drill Dash attack was most likely inspired by the Spin Dash attack from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.