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Frozen Bell is a dream world in NiGHTS into Dreams and Elliot's second level. The level is known as The Consciousness and its music theme is Take the Snow Train.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Frozen Bell is Elliot's second level and it is only available to be played after clearing Splash Garden.

Frozen Bell is set in a snow mountain with steep slopes. This level is most noted for its yellow train which Elliot can ride on. In the final course NiGHTS transforms into a bobsled to slide down the road.

In this level, the Nightopians and Mepians can be seen building snowmen and throwing snowballs. These behaviors would later be used again in the Christmas NiGHTS version of Spring Valley. Other than that, the Nightopians and Mepians can be seen doing all of their common behaviors (singing, dancing, rolling, walking, whistling, clapping, making bubbles and fishing cake).

This level is said to be reflecting Elliot's past. [1]

The enemies that can be found in this level are the Snips, Hollows and Gaos. The boss of this dream is Clawz.

Other Appearances

  • Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams: Although not a playable stage in the main story mode of the Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams sampler disc, Frozen Bell is available in the sampler's Time Attack and Link Attack modes.
  • Burning Rangers: There is a square called "Frozen Bell Square", which appears in the third mission of the game.[2]
  • Sonic Pinball Party: Frozen Bell appears as the fourth NiGHTS thematic pinball table in Sonic Pinball Party. For unknown reasons, the table plays Splash Garden's theme, while the Frozen Bell's theme is played in the Splash Garden's table. Also, Gulpo is the boss of the table instead of Clawz.


NiGHTS into Dreams English manual

"The frozen landscape is highlighter by railroad tracks which lead into the distance and towers which soar into the sky. Fly and climb over snowy mountains covered with steep slopes. Look high and low while swinging on the bars, for you can find many goodies. Race the bobsled run to gather Star Chips and Color Chips."[3]




  • A snowman version of an unknown character.

    Interestly, the Nightopians in this level may build a snowman version of an unknown never before seen character.
  • Despite it being Elliot's second level in the game, Frozen Bell was Elliot's first level to be programmed into the game.[4]
    • In the game files, Frozen Bell is the second level listed while Splash Garden is the fourth one.[4]
    • Splash Garden was not available in the E3 beta from 1996, but Frozen Bell was.[5]
  • In the Sega Saturn version of Christmas NiGHTS, Frozen Bell is the second level listed in the Nightopian Collection of the game while Splash Garden is the fourth.
  • For unknown reasons, the Hollows in this level remain floating in the air with their eyes closed, and will only move and attack if NiGHTS comes close to them.
  • In the Beta version of the game, Gillwing is Frozen Bell's boss.[5]
  • Frozen Bell's theme has some notes that sound similar to Reala's boss battle theme.