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Girania (ギラニア Girania) is a second-level Nightmaren and boss in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. He is a large armored warrior piranha.

Physical Appearance

Girania resembles a large piranha with a gladiator's helmet, short catfish whiskers, curved front fins, and spines along his back and tail.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Girania is Aqua Garden's boss and a Helen Nightmaren who will first attack after NiGHTS destroys all of the NiGHTS captures in the level. He later returns to a second and final fight after beating all of the Aqua Garden's missions. His boss theme is called "Giant Girania".


Girania swims around in the cobblestone floor of his battle arena and when he comes closer to NiGHTS, he will jump out of it and try to swallow them. If he succeds, Girania will drag NiGHTS along with him underground, making the player lose some time. But Girania will eventually jump out of the ground again and spit NiGHTS out.

To defeat Girania, NiGHTS must drill dash into him (though avoiding flying into his mouth, otherwise they will be swalloed) or make a paraloop in front of him. This will make Girania turn into small colorful orbs for a limited time. NiGHTS must take this opportunity to pop up as many orbs they can with the paraloop, so Girania can shrink down. The player can defeat Girania either by popping up all of the colorful orbs or attacking him with the drill dash after Girania reaches a really small size.

Among the colorful orbs, It's possible to find a Power Panel which will make NiGHTS paraloop bigger for a limited time. The player can use it to defeat Girania faster.

There isn't much different between the first and the second fight, though in the second fight, there are many more orbs to pop up. After the battle, Girania isn't seen again.


Girania's arena looks primarily like an underwater Colosseum. It has stair-like seats for spectators to sit in, and pillars line up around the top. Giant candles lie around on the floor, and in the center is a giant pit full of collapsed rubble. Girania can burrow into the floor and resurface.

Other Appearances

  • NiGHTS Dream Wheel: Girania makes a small appearance in the NiGHTS-themed slot machine, NiGHTS Dream Wheel, in the game's skill bonus mode.[1]

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Girania is the type of creature that old fishermen spin wild yarns about when they lament "The one that got away". This  massive fish swims under the floor of its Aqua Garden lair, popping out underneath NiGHTS in an attempt to make a meal out of him. However, Girania can't stand Paraloops. They cause the scaly devil to go to pieces – literally! Execute a Paraloop close to Girania to break it into a sea of coloured balls, then Paraloop the balls to get rid of Girania, bit by bit."[2]



  • Girania's name is similar to "Gerania" which in mythology is the mountain that Megarus, a son of Zeus swam to in order to escape a flood.
  • Girania's name is pronounced gur-AHN-ya.
  • Girania is the largest Nightmaren in the NiGHTS series, barring Wizeman.
  • Girania is the only Nightmaren to have glowing eyes.
  • Girania battle is the only one that features a Power Panel.
  • Girania greatly resembles Gulpo, though more in appearance than in strategy.
    • Strategy-wise, Girania's battle is similar to Gillwing's in NiGHTS into Dreams.
      • Both Girania and Gillwing launch themselves into NiGHTS to damage them.
      • They both shrink as they are damaged.
      • NiGHTS can't fly into their mouths, not even while drill dashing.