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Helen's Friends are two unnamed girls who hang out with Helen and supporting minor characters in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Physical Appearance

One of Helen's Friends has brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin and she wears a white cap, a black shirt with a white long-sleeved coat, a white skirt with black stripes and brown boots. This girl is also about the same size as Helen.

The other Friend has red hair, brown eyes, fair skin and she wears a white blouse, brown shorts and brown boots. She is also a bit taller than Helen and the other girl.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Helen's Friends first appear during Helen's opening cutscene. Helen was practicing violins with her Mother, when Helen's Friends call her to hang out. The game cuts to Helen and her friends, who are walking around Bellbridge and eating ice cream, when Helen looks in one of the shop windows and sees violins. Helen stands there a moment looking sad and thoughtful, quietly apologizing to her mother for running off during practice. A reflecting of Helen's Mother appears in the window looking sad, when she suddenly snarls and turns into a monster, making the window breaks. Helen falls back and see her two friends with red glowing eyes, morphing into smoke-like monsters which start chasing Helen. Frightened, Helen runs away until she sees a bright light in front of her which she runs to.

Helen's Friends aren't seen again until Helen's ending cutscene, where Helen notices them in the audience watching Helen and her mother's performance.