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Helen! It's almost lunchtime!
~ Helen's Mother, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Helen's Mother (also known as Mrs. Cartwright) is a character in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams who is the driving force of Helen's story. Helen and her mother were really close when Helen was younger and they used to spend a lot of time together. However, as Helen grew up, she started spending more time with her friends, making her mother sad and Helen is feeling very guilty about it.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Helen's mother has fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. During Helen's opening cutscene, she wears a white long sleeved ruffled shirt, an orange long-sleeved coat opened with curving collars and a yellow skirt decorated with orange flowers and brown shoes. During Helen's ending cutscene, Helen's mother appears wearing a blue long sleeved ruffled shirt covered in a blue long-sleeved coat with white borders and a blue skirt. During the violin's performance, Helen's mother wears a blue dress with blue shoes.


Very little of Helen's Mother personality is shown in the games. However, she appears to love Helen a lot and she misses the time when her daughter was close to her. Helen's Mother also appears to be very sensitive, as she felt very sad when her daughter left to go out with her friends during Helen's opening cutscene and she cried a lot when Helen played Dreams Dreams with her violin during the secret ending cutscene.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Helen's mother first appears during Helen's opening cutscene, where she is practicing for a violin's concert with Helen when the latter interrupts the practice to go out with her friends, making her mother sad. Helen is hanging out with her friends when she passes through a shop with violins which make her remember her mother. Helen starts feeling guilty for making her mother sad and she sees her mother's reflection in the window looking sad, when suddenly her mother snarls and turns into a monster and the window breaks, scaring Helen and making her run away. Helen's mother voice can be heard during the cutscene prior Memory Forest's 2nd mission, calling Helen for lunch.

Helen's mother doesn't make another appearance until Helen's ending cutscene, where both her and her daughter go to play violins in the concert. In the secret ending, Helen and her mother are alone on the outside of the concert's theater. Helen takes this moment to play Dreams Dreams for her mother, when the lights suddenly turn off. Helen's mother isn't seen afterwards.


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  • In the secret ending, Helen's Mother mysteriously disappears when the Concert Hall's lights are suddenly turned off and she isn't seen afterwards, not even after the lights turning on again. The game later ends with Will and Helen alone in the theater. Helen's Mother disappearance is never explained.
    • When the lights are turning off, there's a shot which shows the theater going dark. In this shot, it is possible to notice that Helen's Mother just stayed still where she was sitting while the lights were turning off, despite her daughter panicking right in front of her.