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The Judges are minor characters from NiGHTS into Dreams and the NiGHTS Archie Comics who are the driving force of Claris story. They are after a person to be the headlining singer of the Twin Seeds centennial commemoration celebrations. Claris, who's trying to prove her family of artists that she inherited their talent, auditioned for role but is scared of the audition. Claris heard a voice inside saying that the judges are gonna laugh at her, making her afraid of the judges.

NiGHTS into Dreams

There are three Judges in NiGHTS into Dreams, two are unnamed and the other is known as "The Director". They first appeared during Claris opening cutscene, in Claris' dream.  

Claris was dreaming about the invitation she got for the second audition, when she is suddenly transported to a dark stage with the judges. In the dark, the two unnamed Judges are impatiently waiting for her to sing and they appear to doubt that Claris will be able to impress them. The director is sleeping 

Claris was very nervous but tried to calm down, when she was about to sing, the judges started lauging and turning into monsters, making Claris run away.  

The Judges don't appear again until Claris ending cutscene, when she returns to the audition with more confidence. Waiting for her turn behind the curtains, Claris watches the judges judging a girl, the two unnamed ones appear to be unamused and the director is still sleeping. When it's Claris turn, she overcomes her insecurity and starts singing, impressesing the two unnamed judges and making the director wake up amazed by her voice. 

The Judges select her to be the headlining singer of the Twin Seeds centennial commemoration celebrations and aren't seen since then. 

Scrapped Judges

Concept art of three judges that never appeared in the game.

Unlike Elliot's Friends and Bullies, there are currently no concept arts nor official renders of the three judges who appeared in the game, available for the public. However, there is a concept art of three completely different judges who never appeared in the game. They could either be scrapped judges who were planned to appear along the other three or they were simply early versions for the judges who were discarded.



The Archie Comics Judges.

  • In the NiGHTS Archie comics, the three Judges from the game were all replaced by three new unnamed ones. The main judge is a blonde man who's refeered to as "Music Director". The Music Director is very demanding, rude and is not afraid of hurting people with words. The other two judges were simply background characters.
  • The Judges were the only human characters from NiGHTS into Dreams who didn't appear in the Archie Comics series.
  • The Judges 1 is portrayed as a very evil and scary person in Claris' nightmare. However in reality, he might actually be the kindest of the three, as before Claris sings, he appeared to be sad for not liking anybody's performance, while the other two were angry and bored.
  • When Claris is transported to the stage in her nightmare and the Judges are shown in the dark, it is possible to notice that the Director is awake.