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Kazuyuki Hoshino is an Art director and character designer who works for Sonic Team at Sega. He is best known for his works to the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

NiGHTS series

Kazuyuki has worked in all of the NiGHTS games as a character designer.

In NiGHTS into Dreams, he was responsible for desigining Elliot Edwards, Claris Sinclair, Wizeman, all of the Second Level Nightmarens and the Minor human characters (Elliot's bullies, Elliot's friends and Claris' Judges). He also helped Naoto Ohshima designing Reala.

In an interview, Kazuyuki also revealed that he voiced Elliot in NiGHTS into Dreams. [1] His voice clips were later recycled for Christmas NiGHTS and all of the NiGHTS into Dreams HD remasters.

In Journey of Dreams, Kazuyuki worked as the lead Character Designer and was responsible for NiGHTS' new design.

Production History

  • NiGHTS into Dreams: Character Designer / Voice Actor (uncredited)
  • Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams: Visual Designer
  • NiGHTS into Dreams (Japan exclusive Playstation 2 port): Supervisor
  • NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams: Lead Character Designer


  • The NiGHTS character who Kazuyuki liked to design the most was Wizeman.[1]
  • Kazuyuki is best known for designing Amy Rose and Metal Sonic for the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • Kazuyuki is one of the two known voice actors in NiGHTS into Dreams, the other is Lynn Harris.