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Lost Park is a dream world in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and Will's second level. This level is also known as Dream of Desert and its music theme is Wandering Wildness.


Lost Park is an empty amusement park in the middle of a desert, representing Will's loneliness. The level is most noted for its many toys which NiGHTS can interact with during the missions. During the chase mission, there are rocks blocking the path of a train which will give NiGHTS blue chips if the latter opens the train's path by destroying the rocks. There are also floating TVs which will make grass grow as well as make rings appear and a segment where NiGHTS will transform into a roller coaster. In the center of the level, there's a giant tree reaching all the ways up to the heavens representing Will's heart's resolve, which is also the source of all the life in the desert. This level's boss is Chamelan and its hidden ideya is Will's Blue Ideya.


Chase Mission

Will, NiGHTS and Owl enter the Lost Park and Reala suddenly appears and imprisons NiGHTS within the cage. He then proceeds to send Will to Helen's world of Crystal Castle, where the two first meet up. She helps Will return to his world. Once he is back to Lost Park, Will enters the cage to dualize with NiGHTS in order to free them and chase the Goodles to unlock all three cages. After this, NiGHTS and Will fight Chamelan for the first time.

Bomb Break

NiGHTS transforms into Dolphin NiGHTS to use Dolphin Dash to disarm rows of the Nightmarens' bombs planted in a lake to save an important tree within Will's world.

Link Challenge

NiGHTS chases after Octopaw to fly through the Rings he leaves behind and collect at least 30 Rings. Dolphin NiGHTS is used when going underwater.

Roller Coaster Mission

NiGHTS transforms into Roller Coaster NiGHTS to save a few Nightopians on a roller coaster from going over a cliff made by Nightmarens.

Cackling Chamelan

NiGHTS must fight Chamelan for the second and last time. Chamelan pulls playing cards out of his hat to make finding him harder and more dangerous. NiGHTS must then use paraloops to tear holes in the endless void to find the cackling chameleon while avoiding attacks from the Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Question marks appear on the curtain if the player hasn't found Chamelan within a certain length of time. The player must look at the numbers on the cards to tell close they are to Chamelan (he always hides next to the Ace). Upon Chamelan's defeat, the player gains the Blue Ideya of Intelligence, the Rocket Persona, and access to Delight City.




  • The train that appears in the level is most likely a reference to the train from Frozen Bell.