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Lynne Triplett, also known as TRiPPY, is the owner of the unofficial NiGHTS into dreams website (Nidcom). Although taking a back seat these days to work on her own company Lynne is largely credited for NiGHTS' recent return to the limelight in the form of the 2012 HD port and respective appearences in the Allstars series of games. Lynne has worked with (and for) SEGA in both official and unofficial capacities as an employee and fan.

Lynne is also well known for her NiGHTS fan art, old fanfiction (Windows To a Haunted Mind), and comics. In 2012 Lynne began a NiGHTS fan comic called 'NiGHTS: Descent into dreams' which in turn was (unofficially) translated into Japanese by the creator of NiGHTS (And Sonic) Naoto Ohshima. Lynne is well known for her NiGHTS work and community efforts by many at Sonic Team.

In 2012 Lynne attended the official USA based Sonic fan event 'Sonic Boom' as a guest of SEGA America. Making a brief appearence on stage to talk to the fans about their succesful campaign for NiGHTS' inclusion in Sonic & All*Stars Racing Transformed and the HD port.

Lynne worked at SEGA from 2010 to 2013 working on many titles. She is best known for her credited tireless work on the NiGHTS port and showing that fans can climb the ladder to officially be a part of their favourite games.

Lynne started in the early 2000's. It started as a personal art site called TRiPSiDE which hosted fanfiction and her own universe of 'Gen' characters. After about 2 years it was reincorperated into a NiGHTS fansite with articles, fanfics, fanarts, game guides, and other such things. The more game centric focus of the website occured when news of the sequal NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams first broke. Since then the website has remained the top source of NiGHTS news and events, even being sourced by large news websites such as Kotaku.

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  • She worked in Sonic and All Star Racing Transformed as an artist, she drew NiGHTS, Jet Set Radio, Burning Rangers and Skies of Arcadia stickers for the game, but unfortunatly, only the Jet Set Radio ones were accepted for the game.[1]