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Mamus are fish-like Nightmarens and enemies in NiGHTS into Dreams.

Physical Appearance

Mamu is a yellow fish Nightmaren who appears to be specifically based on the Ocean Sunfish. It has big purple eyes, its eyeslashes are green and purple and its fins are dark green. Mamu also has a pointy clown nose with yellow and green stripes.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Mamus can only be found in Splash Garden. Once Elliot enters the Nightopia, two Mamu will steal two of his ideyas. After Elliot dualize with NiGHTS, the Mamus throughout the level will create three spike balls and surround themselves with them. If NiGHTS flies into the spike balls, they will explode, hurting NiGHTS and making them lose five seconds.

Defeating a Mamu will add 200 points for the player's score.


The Mamu Mepians have a round yellow head with a green spike fin on the top and a green pointy nose resembling Mamu's clown-like nose. Their torso is yellow with Mamu's green fins on the bottom, and it comes with blue wings on the back. Mamu Mepians' arms and legs are green, and resemble fish fins.

A Mamu Mepian egg has a green bottom and three stripes on the top, two yellow and one green.

Other Appearances

  • Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams: Mamu's render appears in the concept art.
  • NiGHTS Flying Through the Sky Without Wings: A Mamu makes a small appearance when the Nightmarens start attacking Nightopia.
  • NiGHTS Archie Comics: A Mamu makes a brief appearance in the second issue, attacking Snuze along with other Nightmarens.
  • Sonic Pinball Party: Mamus appear in the Splash Garden table as enemies. Defeating a Mamu adds 200 points to the score.



  • Mamu and Shleep were the first enemies to appear in a NiGHTS game; Mamu if the players starts NiGHTS into Dreams with Splash Garden and Shleep if the players starts with Spring Valley.
  • Mamus ability is similar to the Orbinaut's from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Orbinauts is a category of badniks who also surround themselves with spike balls.
  • In the Archie Comics, Mamus have a long tail with green and yellow stripes.
  • Mamus were replaced by Baloogas in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.