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Napp and Snuze are supporting characters in the NiGHTS into Dreams Archie Comics series. They are two Nightopians who assist NiGHTS, Elliot and Claris at defeating the Nightmarens.

NiGHTS Archie Comics

In the first issue, NiGHTS meets up with Napp and Snuze while they were fleeing from the Nightmarens with the red ideyas. Napp and Snuze accompany NiGHTS to the portal where the Nightmaren sends the red ideyas to the waking world. A hundred years later, Napp and Snuze go to the waking world to meet with the two perfect dreamers of the century (Elliot and Claris). While Snuze went after the dreamers, Napp stayed behind at the portal to make sure no Nightmaren comes through. Snuze meets up with Elliot, explains NiGHTS situation and accompanies him to the Night Dimension.

In the second issue, Snuze accompanies Elliot as he fights Gillwing. Meanwhile, Napp is captured by Jackle and is turned into a Mepian. As a Mepian, Napp defected to Wizeman's side and reveals to him that there is a small gap in the portal linking the waking world with the Night Dimension, in which small Nightmarens can pass through. With this information, Wizeman sends a Shleep to the waking world to go after Claris and make her fall asleep. When Claris fall asleep, Snuze, who was assisting Elliot fighting Jackle, tries to go to the waking world to wake her up, but is captured by Napp and other Nightmarens.

In the third issue, Snuze is imprisoned in a cell being guarded by Napp and he manages to bring Napp back to his senses after a talk. After being released, Snuze goes after Elliot, who's being attacked by Reala, while Napp goes after Claris' red Ideya, which is with Wizeman. Snuze saves Elliot from Reala and Napp recovers Claris red ideya and bring it back to her. Later, when Wizeman is defeated, Snuze is attacked by Reala, but is saved by Napp with the help of other Nightopians.

In the fourth issue, they go to the waking world after NiGHTS and in the fifth issue, they meet up with Elliot and Claris at Roger's house, where they make Roger fall asleep so Elliot and Claris can go inside and save NiGHTS.

In the sixth issue, during a fight between NiGHTS and Reala, Napp and Snuze along with Elliot and Claris convince Roger to stop giving Reala his dream energy, making Reala very weak to fight NiGHTS and giving the latter a chance to go back to Nightopia. Napp and Snuze are last seen telling the kids to run away from Officer Oswald.


  • Napp somehow turns back into a regular Nightopian at the end of the third issue.
  • Unlike most of the Nightopians, who are referred to as "it", Napp and Snuze are referred to with male pronouns.
  • According to the NiGHTS into Dreams manual, a Nightopian meets up with Elliot and Claris and introduces NiGHTS to them. In the first issue, Snuze has a similar role, as he goes after Elliot and explains NiGHTS situation to him.