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NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings (or NiGHTS storybook for short) is a Japan-exclusive NiGHTS storybook, released in 1996. It tells a small adventure about NiGHTS and Elliot trying to save Nightopia from the Nightmarens.

The book was written by Kyoko Inukai, illustrated by Takumi Miyake and published by Futabasha. In 2008, the book got a second print (only in Japan) when NiGHTS into Dreams was released for the Playstation 2 in Japan. It is based on NiGHTS into Dreams.


NiGHTS and Nightopians.

NiGHTS is playing flute, surrounded by Nightopians, when Reala appears and challenges them for a game to see who flies higher and faster. NiGHTS fails to notice that it's a trap and accepts Reala's challenge. It's when NiGHTS is distracted that Reala imprisons them inside an Ideya Palace and leaves.

Stuck inside the Ideya Palace, NiGHTS starts playing their invisible flute after getting over the fact they can't do anything to escape. Their flute's sound attracts Elliot, who was exploring the world of dreams. Elliot releases NiGHTS by using a mysterious red light which makes them fuse. As they fly through Nightopia, NiGHTS and Elliot befriend each other.

Reala attacks.

When NiGHTS is about to explain to Elliot what was the red light which fused them together and that Elliot was curious to learn about, the Nightmarens start attacking. After NiGHTS and Elliot paralooping them, Reala returns and reveals to Elliot that NiGHTS is a Nightmaren, which shocks Elliot and makes him panic. Reala takes this opportunity to unfuse NiGHTS and Elliot, imprison NiGHTS again and send Elliot, who's unconscious, to the top of a cold and dark cliff.

Elliot's red ideya power.

When Elliot gets conscious again, he still is shocked over the fact that NiGHTS is a Nightmaren when he starts hearing NiGHTS screaming for help. NiGHTS tells Elliot to trust them and dive into the darkness under the cliff. Despite being very afraid, Elliot notices Nightopia getting destroyed by the Nightmarens and remembers that NiGHTS is his friend. Once he jumps into the darkness, Elliot starts glowing red and flying by himself. His ideya makes Reala flee and NiGHTS is released from the prision.

Wizeman attacks.

As NiGHTS and Elliot were celebrating Reala's defeat, Wizeman appears and wraps both into deep darkness. However NiGHTS and Elliot trusted each other and started glowing red again. Their courage made a tiny light appear. When they came closer to it, the light absorbed all of the darkness. Wizeman fleed, but promised to return as soon as weakness is born again inside either NiGHTS or Elliot's heart. Nightopia was finally saved from the Nightmarens.



  • NiGHTS is portrayed as very childish, selfish, and cocky in the book, constantly insulting Elliot despite the latter always helping them. When NiGHTS was stuck inside the Ideya Palace, they ordered Elliot to help them, despite neither of them knowing how to break through it. As Elliot didn't know how to do it, NiGHTS would insult him.
    • NiGHTS also appears to be very naive, as when Reala challenges them for a game, they fail to notice that it is a trap.
    • Also, unlike in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, NiGHTS doesn't care about Elliot finding out that they are a Nightmaren. In fact, NiGHTS proundly announces they're one when Elliot asks them if that is true.
  • This book doesn't feature any second level Nightmaren.
  • Claris makes a cameo in the last page.
  • Spring Valley is an Elliot dreamworld in the storybook, contradicting with NiGHTS into Dreams, where Spring Valley is a Claris dreamworld.
  • Pole and Gao were the only the only third level Nightmarens who didn't appear in the book.
  • NiGHTS goes by male pronouns in the book, even nicknaming themself as "Mr. NiGHTS".