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The NiGHTS into Dreams Archie Comics is a small comic series based on NiGHTS into Dreams. In February 1998, Archie Comics released their first issue of a three issue mini-series based on the events and characters in NiGHTS into Dreams.

After the popularity for the comics was apparent, Archie Comics released a second three issue mini-series focused on NiGHTS being stuck in the Real World and Claris and Elliot having to help NiGHTS get back before he disappears, all while avoiding NiGHTS' rival, Reala.

After the second wave of Issues, the series was discontinued due the bad reception.

First Mini-Series

Archie based the first mini-series on the Sega Saturn video game, NiGHTS into Dreams. The events are similar but the comic gave 90's personalities and familiar Sonic-like catchphrases to the NiGHTS into Dreams cast.

Issue One

Wizeman ordering his Nightmaren to catch the rebel, NiGHTS.

The series starts off with Archie's idea of how NiGHTS into Dreams began, featuring Wizeman and his Nightmaren crowded around one of his hands, like a crystal ball, watching an architect build a spire that would connect the Dream World and the Waking World.[1] Wizeman plans on using the red Ideya he had NiGHTS and Reala collect to bridge a portal between the two worlds for invasion. However, NiGHTS is persuaded by the girl dreamer to rebel against Wizeman's plans, claiming that she could see that there's so much more inside of NiGHTS than just being Wizeman's henchmen. Noticing their captives were missing, Wizeman orders all his henchmen to seek NiGHTS out and capture it before the time to pass through the portal expired. Upon fleeing, two nightopians introduce themselves as Napp and Snuze while NiGHTS makes their way to the portal. NiGHTS then decides that the best place to hide the two red Ideya from Wizeman was to shove them through the fragile portal wall into the Waking World. While doing so, a shard broke off from one of the Ideya and attached itself upon NiGHTS' chest. Unaware to what's happening in the Night Dimension, the architect witnesses two red glowing balls fly through the air and sink into the ground, thus naming his village "Twin Seeds."

Shoving the Ideya through the portal created a crack in it just big enough for the two Nightopian characters to squeeze through. They try to help prevent Wizeman from trying his plans out again by finding the new perfect dreamers, Claris Sinclair and Elliot Edwards. Snuze finds both Claris and Elliot but decides to follow Elliot as he goes to play basketball with his friends. Just like the game, NiGHTS into Dreams, Elliot's basket ball game gets interrupted be a group of older kids and the head bully, Roger Wilkeah, laughs in Elliot's face while humiliating him. Soon afterwords, Claris is practicing her singing when she sees Elliot out the window and gets surprised. Claris's singing tutor Madame Puffilla, who resembles Puffy, cuts Claris off by lecturing her that she is too distracted and that she needs to focus and it's why Claris got stage fright when she last auditioned.

Snuze catches up with Elliot and explains his situation regarding NiGHTS being imprisoned in an Ideya Palace for rebelling and Reala being stuck in a separate one for failing to catch NiGHTS in time. After persuading Elliot to help NiGHTS they merge together and start flying around freely, catching Wizeman's attention. NiGHTS and Elliot face Gillwing while Claris faces Puffy alone but after Claris' cry for help, NiGHTS leaves Elliot to help save her. Meanwhile, Snuze explains to Elliot that he had a backup plan which happens to be the Alarm Egg. Elliot wakes up, wondering whatever happened to NiGHTS, unaware that Claris is the other dreamer.

After Claris and Elliot defeat Puffy and Gillwing with NiGHTS' help, Wizeman can be seen luring Roger to Reala's Ideya Palace.

Issue Two

Cover of Archie Comics' second issue of their NiGHTS into Dreams adaptation.

In this issue, Archie decides to get a little creative and fill in where NiGHTS into Dreams lacks.

As Elliot flies around as NiGHTS dispatching all of Wizeman's Nightmaren during the day, NiGHTS tries his luck being Elliot in the Waking World to find Claris and prevent her from falling asleep. Unknown to the heroes, Reala and Roger have done the very trick. While NiGHTS interrupts a tour by correcting the tour guide about the real history behind the spire on top of Twin Seeds' tower, Reala makes a fool of Roger's reputation by speaking of Wizeman in an appealing in hopes to catch Claris' attention.

Napp explains to Wizeman, after becoming a Mepian at the hands of Jackle, that the doorway to the Waking World has a crack only big enough for a small creature. Wizeman decides to send a Shleep through the doorway to find Claris and put her to sleep. In the cafeteria, Claris meets up with Roger, who is actually Reala, and starts to question his story about Wizeman but gets grossed out that a fish somehow got on her lunch tray. NiGHTS, who is still making a fool of Elliot's body, noticed the Shleep that Wizeman had sent. Deciding that it's up to no good, NiGHTS chases it without worry for the other classmate's meals and thus, starting a food fight.

In Nightmare, Elliot faces Jackle alone, and suddenly gets a burst of energy after NiGHTS falls unconscious from falling in the Waking World. Claris falls under a sleep spell thanks to the Shleep Wizeman sent out, causing her to fall into a nightmare where Gulpo is waiting for her. NiGHTS once again leaves Elliot in the clutches of a Nightmaren in order to save Claris from another. NiGHTS knows he can't leave Elliot alone with Jackle so decides to leave a message on Gulpo's fish tank for Claris while he dashes back to help Elliot. Jackle tries to persuade Elliot to give up his red Ideya for a shot at being one of the best basketball players of all time but Elliot refuses and with the help of NiGHTS, he puts Jackle out of his misery.

Wizeman offers to grant Claris' deepest desires.

Meanwhile, Claris finds NiGHTS message, which is a musical note, and sings a high enough pitch to shatter the glass fish tank, defeating Gulpo. Wizeman enters, applauding Claris for her performance, and offers her a spot in the Twin Seeds performance in exchange for her red Ideya. NiGHTS, who was rushing back to help Claris, suddenly can't feel her Ideya energy as Claris accepts Wizeman's offer. Claris wakes up with Roger, who is still Reala, handing her an invention to perform as the lead in the upcoming Twin Seeds performance. Reala congratulates Claris and comments, "You must have some friends in pretty high places," referring to Wizeman.

Issue Three

The cover of the NiGHTS Into Dreams Comic Issue 3

In the third Issue, Elliot and Claris wake up. Alone, NiGHTS is attacked by both Reala and Wizeman, who defeat and imprison them in Twin Seeds. After taking care of the rebelious Nightmaren, Wizeman reveals to Reala that he got Claris red Ideya and he will finally be able to open a portal to the Waking World. Meanwhile, Snuze is imprisoned in a cell being guarded by Napp and he manages to bring Napp back to his senses after a talk. They find out that NiGHTS was imprisoned and go after Elliot and Claris for help.

That night, as Claris gave Wizeman her red ideya, she now has very little interest in her dreams and made a very souless performance during the audition. When she left, the ground around her mysteriously started breaking and a piece of it carried her up. Meanwhile, Elliot goes back to Nightopia during his sleep and is attacked by Reala, who is trying to steal his red Ideya. However, Elliot manages to trick the Nightmaren, by giving him a basketball disguised as a red Ideya. As he escapes, Elliot meets up with Snuze, who reveals to Elliot that he can now fly by himself.

Wizeman is about to open the portal to the waking world, when Napp takes Claris' red Ideya and brings it back to her, bringing back her dreams and will, Claris jumps from the floating rock and starts flying by herself too.

NiGHTS, Elliot and Claris fuse to face off Wizeman.

Elliot and Claris meet up with each other and they save NiGHTS. Together, the trio defeats Wizeman once and for all. After the battle, NiGHTS becomes drained of energy and almost dies. According to Snuze, the only way to save NiGHTS is if Elliot and Claris' dreams come true. As they wake up both kids accomplish their goals, with Elliot defeating Roger and Claris passing in the auditions and being invited to sing at the Twin Seeds centennial commemoration celebrations.

Later that day, Elliot goes to the Twin Seeds Centennial Parade and hears a voice coming out of the tower which he starts following. Elliot enters the tower and finds out it's Claris. They befriend each other and their energy revives NiGHTS. Meanwhile in Nightmare, Reala self proclaims the new ruler of Nightmare and start planning how to defeat NiGHTS with Roger's help.

Second Mini-Series

The series was popular and loved enough to produce a sequel set of NiGHTS comics. But the series didn't gain enough sales to warrant an on-going monthly series and was cancelled after the sixth issue.

Issue Four

The cover of the fourth Issue.

In the fourth Issue, NiGHTS goes to the waking world. While NiGHTS was exploring Twin Seeds, they break into the city's tower, which was about to be attacked by a terrorist group called R.E.M. and unintentionally distracts the terrorists until the Twin Seeds police force arrive and arrest them.

The policemen also try to arrest NiGHTS, as they think NiGHTS is working with the terrorists. But NiGHTS manages to escape before that happens. Meanwhile, Elliot and Claris were at their schools when they started receiving visions of NiGHTS being chased by the policemen and decide to go help them.

As Elliot and Claris rush to save their friend, a lieutenant called Lucy O'Lawful joins forces with the police to capture NiGHTS. However, NiGHTS manages to escape from her by hiding in a clowns parade. NiGHTS leaves the parade shortly after and starts feeling so weak, to the point they could barely walk. NiGHTS was fading away. The reason for that, is because Night Dimension beings were never intended to stay in the Waking World for too long.

Roger taking NiGHTS to his house.

Somehow, Reala finds out that NiGHTS is fading away in the Waking World and orders Roger to find NiGHTS and make sure they completely disappears. Obeying Reala, Roger finds NiGHTS weak and alone and starts taking them to his house. Meanwhile, Elliot and Claris were looking for NiGHTS, when they are both caught by a policeman called Officer Oswald, for skipping out school. As they are in the police car, Elliot and Claris find Roger along with NiGHTS, who's slowly getting its energy drained.

Issue Five

The cover of the fifth Issue.

Roger leaves NiGHTS laying on his house's basement to completely fade away. Meanwhile, at the Twin Seeds police department, Lucy O'Lawful starts interrogating the three terrorists, who were arrested in the previous Issue, thanks to NiGHTS. She asks why they tried a terrorist takeover of the Twin Seeds tower and who was the mysterious purple being working with them. All they reveal is that there's something very weird happening with the tower and that NiGHTS wasn't working with them, in fact, NiGHTS was the reason their takeover failed.

Shortly after, the interrogation is interrupted by the leader of R.E.M., who invades the police department with a tank to rescue the three arrested members. Elliot and Claris, who were being held in the same police department, take this opportunity to escape. They receive a vision showing NiGHTS tired and laying on the ground inside Roger's house and go save them.

In an old abandoned warehouse, the four terrorists reunite to discuss about their next plans and the leader presents her new invention; a powerful bomb called "The Dream-bomb". Meanwhile, Lucy goes to the Twin Seeds tower to warn the tower's owner, Emmanuel Weiss, that the terrorists have escaped, but promises Emmanuel that she will make everything in her power to protect his tower. Lucy takes this opportunity to question Emmanuel if he has noticed any weird happenings in his tower and if he has had any strange dreams. However, all Emmanuel reveals is that he is planning to build five more towers.

NiGHTS fading away.

Meanwhile, Elliot and Claris arrive at Roger's house. There, they meet up with Napp and Snuze, who make Roger fall asleep so they can go inside. Elliot and Claris find NiGHTS in the house's basement, nearly fading away.

Issue Six

The cover of the sixth Issue.

Elliot and Claris start taking NiGHTS to the Twin Seeds tower, where there's a portal to Nightopia. Meanwhile Roger, who still is sleeping, goes to Nightmare, where he meets up with Reala, who reveals to Roger that Elliot and Claris are escaping with NiGHTS and orders him to stop them.

At the Twin Seeds tower, Emmanuel tells Lucy that he doubts that the R.E.M. agents will be able to invade his tower again. However, when he is alone, he is surprised by the terrorists, who sneaked into the tower disguised as glass repairmen. On the highest floor of the tower, Emmanuel starts talking with the R.E.M. agents and it is hinted that he is actually working with them, as Emmanuel agrees with their plan of blowing up the Twin Seeds tower.

NiGHTS vs Reala.

Meanwhile, the moment Elliot and Claris arrive at the Twin Seeds, NiGHTS decides to reach the portal to Nightopia by themself. But it is at that moment the R.E.M. agents leave a bomb to explode the tower. The explosion combines with the energy of the ruby on NiGHTS' chest and makes a portal open, which Reala uses to go to the waking world. NiGHTS and Reala battle each other, while Roger meets up with Elliot, Claris, Napp and Snuze, who convince him to stop giving Reala his dream energy. Without Roger's dream energy, Reala becomes weak and drained of energy, giving NiGHTS the opportunity to escape from him and goes back to Nightopia.


The series got an overall negative receptions and was considered to be mediocre at best.[2] The plot of the series was considered to be bad and to not be very faithful to the game.[2] The latter three issues were also heavily criticized for its non-sensuous plot involving a terrorist group.[2] The art style was also heavily criticized to be bad, specially the one from the last three issues.[2]


  • NiGHTS is referred to as a "him" in these comics, even being called "Mr. NiGHTS" at the beginning of the first issue, despite NiGHTS having no gender. This was most likely due to it being proper grammar to address someone without proper sexual identification as a "he" rather then a "they".
  • Unlike in the games, Elliot is the one who fights Gillwing and Jackle and Claris fights Puffy.
  • Sonic and Akira cameo in Issue 3.

    Sonic the Hedgehog makes two cameos in the series. In Issue 3, Elliot has a poster of Sonic in his bedroom and in Issue 4, Elliot appears wearing an underwear with Sonic faces.
    • Akira Yuki from the Virtua Fighter series also makes a cameo as a poster in Elliot's bedroom in the third Issue.
  • Archie Comics would later feature NiGHTS, Reala and Wizeman, along with many other SEGA and Capcom franchises in Worlds Unite.
  • While Puffy and Gulpo were connected and representing something about Claris, none of the Nightmarens were connected nor representing anything about Elliot.
  • The comics mispelled Jackle's name as "Jackal".
  • In the Archie Comics, It is revealed that the ruby on NiGHTS' chest is a shard of the Red Ideya of courage which latched on to his chest.
    • It was also revealed in the NiGHTS Archie comics that NiGHTS rebelled 100 years before Elliot and Claris were born, confirming NiGHTS age to be at least 100 year old. Reala, Wizeman, Jackle and Clawz were all witnesses of NiGHTS' betrayal, making them at least 100 year old as well.
      • It should be noted that their ages and the meaning of the ruby could be different in the game series.
  • In the fourth Issue, Claris' outfit is pink instead of orange.