Nights into Dreams Wiki

The Night Dimension is the dimension in which dreams and nightmares take place, as well as where most of the events in the NiGHTS games take place. It is the home of Nightmarens of the Nightmare, the Nightopians of Nightopia, the Awakers and Owl.


Nightopia is the world of dreams which is shaped by the Visitor's Ideyas representing something releated to the Visitors. Nightopia is inhabited by Nightopians, Owl and Octopaw and is constantly invaded by nightmarens.


Nightmare is the world of nightmarens created and ruled by Wizeman. Its locations are shaped by the nightmarens themselves, though only second level nightmarens or higher can create locations.


The awakers and the Alarm Egg appear to inhabited only Nightopia, though it's unknown if they originated from there.


  • All the residents of the Night Dimension but Wizeman are genderless, including NiGHTS, Reala, Owl and Nightopians.