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Claris in Nightmare.

This world is, so to speak, the shadow of Nightopia. Bad dreams rule this place - Nightmare.
~ NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings.

Nightmare is a location in the Night Dimension where visitors go when they have nightmares and home of all of the Nightmarens. In the NiGHTS series, locations of Nightmare appear during the boss fights.


Nightmare was created by Wizeman and it is the birthplace of all of the Nightmarens, including NiGHTS. Many different locations of Nightmare appear during the boss fights. These locations were created by their respective bosses. Nightmare also appears during the visitors opening cutscenes, when they are attacked by Nightmarens.

NiGHTS into Dreams

In NiGHTS into Dreams, locations of Nightmare appear during the boss fights.

Name Picture Description
Gillwing's Lair
Gillwing Battle Arena.png
Gillwing's battle happens in a weird garden-like environment with giant flowers which are constantly opening and closing, mushrooms which keep growing and shrinking, rocks floating around and two red suns. In the center of the area, there's a weird tree with a blue star spinning above it. It's possible that the garden is located in space or perhaps in another planet, due the dark sky, floating rocks and the two red suns.

Other Appearances

This location appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, during the first lap of the Dream Valley circuit.

Puffy's Mansion
Puffy Battle Arena.png
Puffy's battle takes place at her mansion which consists of three rooms, each room with a hallway between them. Starting at the bedroom, then dining room and lastly bathroom. Stairs can also be seen on the back wall in the dining room. Along the walls of Puffy's level are many paintings of Nightmaren minions and one of Puffy herself. The portrait of Puffy is actually an original concept drawing. After the bathroom, there is one last hallway where the shelf used to defeat Puffy is located.

NiGHTS Archie Comics

This location reappears in the first two Issues. In Issue 1, the Puffy's mansion appears when Claris is attacked by Puffy. In Issue 2, the Puffy's mansion makes a small appearance when Claris is transported to Nightmare after being forced to sleep by a Shleep.

Other Appearances

This location appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, during the second lap of the Dream Valley circuit.


  • There is a mirror on the bathroom which shows NiGHTS reflection but not Puffy's.
Gulpo's Tank
Gulpo Battle Arena.png
Gulpo's battle takes place in the deeps of the ocean, around a transparent and cylinder tank surrounded by fishes.


  • In the Archie Comics, Gulpo's battle takes place inside a giant aquarium.
Clawz's Machine
Clawz Battle Arena.png
Clawz's battle takes place on a weird carousel-like machine, full of fireworks with pink mice heads. The machine appears to be surrounded by big walls made of colorful bricks. For unknown reasons, the walls have holes with a bright light coming out of them.
Jackle's Room
Jackle Battle Arena (1).png

Jackle Battle Arena (2).png

Jackle's battle takes place in a room with oversized toys and instruments of torture in bright primary colors. The entire room is encased in red drapes reminiscent of a circus tent and is littered with toy blocks and blue and green dolls with crazed looks on their faces. Two notable items in his boss room are a gigantic purple and yellow star-print jack-in-the-box and an oversized red and yellow guillotine.


  • At rare occasions, the guillotine will drop after defeating Jackle.
Reala's Realm
Reala Battle Arena (1).png

Reala Battle Arena (2).png

Reala's battle takes place in a dark realm with squary ruins, three torches with blue fire and Reala's red throne at the center. In the sky, there is a red seal with Reala's face on it.

NiGHTS Archie Comics

Most of the locations in Nightmare in the Archie Comics appears to have been designed after Reala's realm.

Wizeman's Realm
NiD Wizeman Battle Arena (1).png

NiD Wizeman Battle Arena (2).png

NiD Wizeman Battle Arena (3).png

NiD Wizeman Battle Arena (4).png
Wizeman's battle takes place in different environments which he changes everytime he is hit; there is one tower though, that stays the same through the whole battle.

Wizeman changes the environment to a castle when attacking with fireballs, to space when attacking with meteors, to a snowy mountain when attacking with snowballs and to a rainy mountain when attacking with water tornados.

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams

In Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, locations of Nightmare appear during the boss fights.

Name Picture Description
Gillwing's lair
Christmas NiGHTS Gillwing Environment.png
The environment where the battle takes place is similar to the one from NiGHTS into Dreams. Some flowers are replaced by Christmas decorations and presents, the red suns are replaced by purple nebulas, there are gems spinning around the tree in the center of the stage and after the fight, a giant Christmas tree appears in the center.

The star at the top of the Nightmaren tree-like formation in Gillwing's realm in NiGHTS into Dreams has use in Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams as after defeating Christmas Gillwing, the player is awarded with the star that will eventually sit atop a very tree-trimmed Twin Seeds tower. This will make the player win the game in Christmas NiGHTS, but they do not receive the star at the end of the battle in the original game.

Puffy's mansion
Xn 14.jpg
Puffy's mansion returns in the Sonic the Hedgehog into Dreams... mini game, as the location where the Doctor Eggman boss fight takes place. The location looks just like it did in NiGHTS into Dreams except this time, it has snowflakes falling.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

In Journey of Dreams, locations of Nightmare appear during the boss fights.

Name Picture Description
Donbalon's Tower
Donbalon's lair is a circus-themed pinball-like tower. It consists of several areas separated by stylish barriers and has a monstrous face with long, spiked teeth at the top. The lair runs vertical, and there are many different obstacles scattered around.
Girania's Colosseum
Girania's arena looks primarily like an underwater Colosseum. It has stair-like seats for spectators to sit in, and pillars line up around the top. Giant candles lie around on the floor, and in the center is a giant pit full of collapsed rubble. Girania can burrow into the floor and resurface.
Chamelan's Cave
Chamelan's arena takes place in a surreal cavern with playing cards and floating spotlights. The arena is shrouded by a void with plant life hidden behind it. Question marks appear on the curtain if the player delays long enough.
Bomamba's Lair
Bomamba's arena is a typical witch's lair with stained glass windows featuring cat faces, an opening in the ceiling that reveals the moon and stars, and a gigantic bubbling cauldron down below her. A few bottles of what is most likely poison are also found lying around.
Cerberus' Cage
Cerberus' area appears in Delight City, disguised as a dog's kennel. Once the player enters the area, they find themselves in a null and endless void. The Cerberus lives in a spherical cage with big black crows flying around in it.
Queen Bella's City
Queen Bella's battle field is in the middle of a distorted town with platforms that she walks around on. Below her there is a pool of lava, presumably a smelting pit.
Wizeman's Domain
The Nightmare World.jpg
Wizeman's battle takes place in a weird dark realm with pieces of a castle floating around. When Wizeman attacks, he changes the environment entirely.

Wizeman changes the environment to the deep sea when attacking with water tornados, to a stormy sky when attacking with meteors and clones, and to space when attacking with fireballs.

Other Appearances

This location appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, during the third lap of the Dream Valley circuit.

Other Appearances

  • Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: The second floor of the NiGHTS thematic pinball table in Casinopolis appears to have taken inspiration from Nightmare, more specifically from the Reala's battle arena from NiGHTS into Dreams.
  • Sonic Pinball Party: The player is transported to Nightmare during the boss fights of the NiGHTS thematic pinball tables.
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Gillwing's lair, Puffy's mansion and Wizeman's domain appear in the Dream Valley circuit.
  • Sonic Lost World: Reala transports Sonic the Hedgehog to Nightmare in the Nightmare Zone DLC.



  • According to the NiGHTS into Dreams japanese manual, the boss battle arenas were created by their respective bosses.[1]