Nightopia is a world within the Night Dimension. It is a world of light, ideya, and pleasent dreams.


Nightopia is a peaceful, beautiful world that is unique to the human visiting it. It is said to be a reflection of the person's heart, and may often resemble significant places in the visitor's memories. The world is inhabited by creatures known as Nightopians, carefree little beings concerned only with having fun.

NiGHTS into DreamsEdit

There are 7 different nightopias; 3 are Claris', and 3 are Elliot's. The seventh world is a dream shared between them. Claris' nightopias are:

and Elliot's are:

Twin Seeds is the dream shared by both. It is a replica of their home town.

NiGHTS: Journey of DreamsEdit

Like the game before, there are 7 worlds, with the first six divided by the main characters and sharing the seventh. Helen's nightopias are:

And Will's are:

Bellbridge is shared by both Will and Helen, and, like the Twin Seeds dream, is a remake of the city they live in.


At the end of all of the nightopias, there is a nightmaren boss lying in wait. They are usually second level nightmaren taken on twice before they are defeated. The bosses are as follows:


  • Helen's Memory Forest resembles Claris' Mystic Forest.
  • Aqua Garden is used in Sega Superstars Tennis as the NiGHTS court.