Nights into Dreams Wiki

The Paraloop is one of NiGHTS and Reala's two main attacks. It is a small portal which can absorbs or attracts everything it catches.


The paraloop appears to be an ability exclusive for First Level Nightmarens.

The paraloop is created when NiGHTS/Reala makes a circle with the "twinkle dust" that comes from their hands and feet.

If the paraloop catches an item, the item will be attracted towards NiGHTS/Reala and will follow NiGHTS/Reala until they get them.

If the paraloop catches a Nightopian or a third level Nightmaren, the Nightopian/Nightmaren will be absorbed. In NiGHTS into Dreams and Christmas NiGHTS, the Nightopians and Nightmarens who are absorbed by the paraloop are killed, in Journey of Dreams, they are transported to the Nightopian Garden.