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Parties are colorful fish-like third level Nightmarens and enemies in NiGHTS into Dreams.

Physical Appearance

Party is a red fish-like Nightmaren with big lips, green eyes and dark blue eyelashes. It has yellow fins which look like butterfly wings with red, blue, pink, cyan and white spots, and a deformed red tail with green spots. Party appears to be based on the Freshwater Butterfly Fish.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Parties can be found in Splash Garden, Mystic Forest and Soft Museum. Two Parties appear right at the beginning of Mystic Forest and Soft Museum and steal two of Claris' ideyas once she enters in these Nightopias.

After the Visitors dualize with NiGHTS, the Parties throughout the levels will try to attack NiGHTS with their tails. If NiGHTS is hit, they will lose five seconds from the timer.

Defeating a Party will add 200 points for the player's score.


The Party Mepians have a round red head with big green eyes, dark blue eyebrows and two yellow butterfly-like wings on the top. The torso is round and red colored and it comes with wings similar to Party's, though they are only yellow and orange colored, unlike Party's wings, which have mutible colors. Party Mepians' arms and legs are red with green stripes, resembling Party's tail.

A Party Mepian egg is pink with two red stripes and some small yellow spikes.

Other Appearances

  • Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams: Party's render appears in the concept art.
  • NiGHTS Flying Through the Sky Without Wings: A Party makes a small appearance when the Nightmarens start attacking Nightopia.
  • Sonic Pinball Party: Parties appear in the Mystic Forest table as enemies. Defeating a Party adds 200 points to the score.



  • When the Nightmarens steal Claris' Ideyas in Mystic Forest, a cutscene will play showing a Crewle & Pole locking the White Ideya inside an Ideya Capture. Afterwards, a Party will appear, will give a look at the Ideya Capture, then will disappear. The reason why this happens is unknown. This doesn't happen in any other level.
  • Parties look a bit like Gillwing design wise, though with more feminine traits and different colors.
    • Also, just like Gillwing, Parties' tails are their main weapons.
  • In the Nightopian Collection, the Party Mepian eyes are completely white.