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Pure Valley is a dream world in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and Will's first level. The level is also known as the Dream of Highlands and its music theme is Eloquent Echo.


Pure Valley appears to represent the good times Will had with his father, as well as Will's pure heart. In the cutscene prior to Pure Valley's third mission, Will reveals that his father used to take him to a park which had dandelions everywhere and a river, explaining the giant dandelions and the river found in the level. This level's boss is Donbalon and its hidden ideya is Will's White Ideya.


Chase Mission

When Will first enters the world, Reala and the Goodles show up and capture NiGHTS, locking them away in a NiGHTS Capture. Will dualizes with NiGHTS and proceeds to chase after the Goodle guards to obtain thier key and unlock all of the cages. Once this is done, NiGHTS and Will shall be transported to the pinball-like arena of Donbalon.

Link Challenge

Will and NiGHTS find Octopaw "squirreled" away in a jar before flying off, where NiGHTS challenges Will to get a link of 30 or more in five attempts. If the player fails to get a link of 30 or more after five attempts, it's Night Over.

Fluffy Catch

A dark cloud appears, sucking up nearby Nightopians clinging to dandelion seeds. NiGHTS must paraloop the Nightopians to transport them to a safer location. If five Nightopians are sucked away by the cloud, it's Night Over.

River Chase

NiGHTS transforms into a boat. Will rides upon this boat and attempts to rescue the drowning Nightopians caught up in the current. If time expires before they reach the end, Night Over for the player.

Drifting Donbalon

Donbalon returns in a larger, much more complicated course to settle the score. The method of defeating him is to deliver him toward the spiked teeth at the top of the tower to pop him. NiGHTS must launch Donbalon vertically through the circus-themed pinball arena, all the while trying to break the barriers and get around obstacles (the last of which is a parade of circus cages near the very top). Winning gives the player the White Ideya of Purity, the Dolphin Persona, and access to the second world of Lost Park.




  • The Nightmare Zone DLC of Sonic Lost World used Pure Valley's theme during Sonic's running sections.
  • In the Journey of Dreams's E3 Beta, the "River Rescue" mission is misspelled as "River Lescue".[1]
  • In the cutscene prior Pure Valley's 3rd mission, it is possible to notice that the dark cloud which sucks the Nightopians is already in the cutscene before the attack happens.[2]