Queen Bella

Queen Bella, the boss of Memory Forest.

Queen Bella is a second-level Nightmaren from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and is the boss for Helen's Memory Forest. The song playing, when the player is battling her, is "queen bella's ball".



Queen Bella's Arena is a circular platform with many "floors" with the spider queen herself at the top. The platforms are easily destroyed by the silk balls Queen Bella uses to attempt to damage the player.


Queen Bella resembles a large spider with a frilly outfit with glowing jewels and a Queen's Crown that also has glowing jewels. She has four eyes and each of them are yellow and red. He also appears to have dreadlock-like hair.


Queen Bella drops silk balls in an attempt to keep the player from defeating her in time. However, these silk balls can be used against her. By throwing the silk balls back at her, NiGHTS can damage the platforms until Queen Bella's current platform is destroyed. With nothing to walk on, Queen Bella is sent plummeting to the lava below.