Reala first appeared in the game NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams , NiGHTS into Dreams... and is a 1st level Nightmaren who is completely loyal to Wizeman. His skills are basically equal to NiGHTS, but their personalities are completely different.

Physical appearance Edit

He was made with a circus theme unlike NiGHTS, who was made with a jester theme. While NiGHTS is purple and violet, Reala is red and black. He also wears an eyemask called a persona, and constantly scolds NiGHTS for always removing his/her own.

NiGHTS into dreams Edit

Reala is created to be Wizeman's right hand (NiGHTS was his left hand) and meant to take care of pests or Wizeman's enemies. Before NiGHTS and Reala fight, Reala delivers one of two spoken lines in the entire game, "Bedishino NiGHTS", which means "Lets go, NiGHTS" in Japanese. He is fought in what looks like a circus tent. To stun him, throw the Mare balls at him. When he's stunned, paraloop around him to hurt him. Do this three times and he's a goner.

NiGHTS: Journey of dreams Edit

In Journey of dreams, Reala is fought over a Jungle gym in Delight city and the bell tower in Bellbridge. To beat him, you must throw his projectiles back at him. He is also a playable character in multiplayer mode.


  • Reala's voice actor also voiced Caliburn the Sword from Sonic and the Black Knight.
  • Reala speaks in a British accent.
  • Reala did not actually die in Journey of Dreams. He was only knocked unconscious and fell to the ground far below.
  • Reala's "ouch" sound effect in NiD sounds like a synthesized version of the Wilhelm scream made popular in the Star Wars film series.