A character that certainly doesn't belong on the NiGHTS Wiki.

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Okay. I'm going to do this since no one else has, nor will. I'm erasing this entire wiki page. I'm sorry, but this is just embarassing. I used to use this wiki until I saw this page. Now, I regret to inform you all that the NiGHTS Wiki simply cannot be trusted. It would be more understandable if this was a Sonic page, since Sonic has made a cameo in an extended version of NiGHTS Into Dreams, but Rosalina from Mario Galaxy? This is not a Mario Wiki. And Rosalina has nothing to do with the NiGHTS fandom. So why in the bloody hell is this here, again? By all means, if Rosalina has a secret background connection to NiGHTS then erase my rant and replace the entire wiki with the details I'm erasing. I, for one, will never use this wiki again. You're very disappointing. Goodbye.