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Scaropions are scorpion-like third level Nightmarens and enemies in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Physical Appearance

Scaropions are scorpions with spider traits. They have an orange head with five spikes on the top, small yellow fangs and three small red eyes. They have orange claws, four purplish blue spider-like legs with black stripes, a long tail with purple and red stripes, and a long yellow stinger.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Scaropions can only be found in Lost Park, when they see NiGHTS, they will create a silk ball underneath themselves, which will damage NiGHTS and make them lose five seconds from the timer if they fly into it.

In Lost Park's fourth mission, the Scaropions will try to damage NiGHTS and Will as they try to rescue some Nightopians who are on a roller coaster going over a cliff made by Nightmarens.

Defeating a Scaropion will add 100 points for the player's score.


The Scaropion Mepians have an orange head with five spikes on the top, three red eyes, two small yellow fangs and a regular Nightopian halo. They have a round torso, which is purple on the top and orange on bottom and orange wings on their back. Their arms are orange with green claws and their feet are also orange with a big green spike.

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Scaropions gather everything within reach of their claws into a ball of sand. If that includes you, use a Drill Dash or any other type of dash maneuver to break free. If you don't escape in time, the Scaropion will hit you and knock five seconds off the timer."[1]



  • Scaropions are similar to Cuttles from NiGHTS into Dreams, as both are Nightmarens that only appear in a desert thematic level and both create an obstacle underneath themselves.
  • Scaropion's name is most likely a combination of the words "scorpion" and "arachnid".