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By inspecting the gamefiles of the Playstation 2 version of NiGHTS into Dreams, it is revelead that the game was planned to have a Halloween-themed level and a much bigger Halloween-themed event than the one that made into the game.


NiGHTS's halloween costume.

As it is known, once the player beats the game and plays the Mystic Forest from October 1st to October 30th, NiGHTS and Claris will appear in the level wearing a special Halloween costumes. Similarly, when playing the game on October 31st, NiGHTS will still be wearing their Halloween costume, however Claris will be replaced by Elliot, also wearing a halloween costume. This is all of the Halloween-themed content that made into the game. However, it appears that the game was planned to have more Halloween-themed content.

In the gamefiles of the Playstation 2 version of NiGHTS into Dreams, there are three unused files with the words "halloween" and "stage" on them; they are "stage_halloween_sdf.bin", "stage_halloween_e_sdf.bin" and "stage_halloween_boss_sdf.bin",[1] which means the game was planned to have an actual Halloween themed-level for both Elliot and Claris, as well as a halloweed-themed area for a boss. It is unknown if these stages would be a Halloween-themed Mystic Forest or a completely new level. It is also unknown which boss would be featured in this level.

There is also an unused music file in the game called "halloween.adx",[2] which is likely the music that would play in this level.[2]

Unused Halloween costume for the Nightopians, found in the game files.

Lastly, the game also has an unused Halloween-themed costume for the Nightopians, which was presumably going to be featured in this level.[3]



  • It is believed that the boss of this stage would have been a Halloween-themed Puffy, as by inspecting the game files, it is revealed that the halloween boss arena matches the layout of Puffy's battle arena.[4]