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Seapos are seahorse-like third level Nightmarens and enemies in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Seapos are green seahorses with cat-like blue eyes and a pink snout. They have pink antennas with orbs resembling corals on the top of their heads and pink wing-like fins. Their belly is green with a bluish purple strip and a pink bottom.


Like most of the third level Nightmarens, Seapos are agressive and act like vicious animals. When they see NiGHTS, Will or Helen, the Seapos will rush into their front to attack them with blubbles and iron balls. Also, when they see Nightopians, Seapos won't stop chasing them until they eat them.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Seapos can be found in Pure Valley, Aqua Garden, Lost Park, Crystal Castle and Delight City. They also appear at the Dream Gate, during the game's tutorial.

When Seapos see NiGHTS, they will shoot bubbles and iron balls at them, damaging NiGHTS and making them lose five seconds from the timer.

In Pure Valley's fourth mission, the Seapos will try to damage NiGHTS and Will as they try to rescue the Nightopians in the river.

In Aqua Garden's fourth mission, the Seapos will try to attack Helen as she tries to find NiGHTS. Helen can protect herself from the Seapos by tossing Blue Chips at them.

In Crystal Castle's third mission, the Seapos will once again, try to attack Helen as she tries to guide Will through the level. Helen can protect herself by tossing Blue Chips at them.

Defeating a Seapo will add 100 points for the player's score.


The Seapo Mepians head is similar to Seapo's, except that it is more cone shaped and their snout is a bit smaller. They also keep the Nightopians halo. Their torso is green on the top with a red bottom. Their arms are green with pink hands and their feet are triangular shaped with a green top and a pink bottom. They also have small pink wings resembling Seapo's fins.

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Seapo are seahorse-like Nightmaren that hover in the air and underwater, shooting bubbles and iron balls at you. The bubbles are harmless. The iron balls knock five seconds off your timer when they hit you. Seapos have no defence against touch attacks, such as the Touch-dash or Touch-loop."[1]



  • Not couting the Goodles, Seapos are the most common Nightmaren enemies in Journey of Dreams. They appear in every level from the game, but Memory Forest and Bellbridge.