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Shleeps are sheep-like Nightmarens and recurring enemies in the NiGHTS series.

Physical Appearance

Shleeps have the head of a sheep with tired eyes, horns with red and green stripes and a yellow cottonlike wool. In NiGHTS into Dreams and Christmas NiGHTS, they have a red clown-like nose, but in Journey of Dreams, they have a black nose.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Shleeps can only be found in Spring Valley. Once Claris enters the Nightopia, two Shleeps will steal two of her ideyas.

After Claris dualizes with NiGHTS, the Shleeps throughout the level will inflate themselves and if NiGHTS flies into a Shleep, they will bounce back a little, though, NiGHTS won't be damaged nor will lose five seconds.

Defeating a Shleep will add 200 points for the player's score.


The Shleep Mepians head resemblaces Shleep's head, though it doesn't have Shleep's snout nor its red clown-like nose. They have a bit of Shleep's blue wood on the top of their head and two little striped horns. Shleep Mepians' torso, arms and legs are all covered in yellow fluffy wood and they have tiny orange colored hands and squary shaped feet. A Shleep Mepian egg has a yellow bottom, a green top, and a red curved spike on top.

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams

Shleeps appear in the Christmas NiGHTS version of Spring Valley. Once again, two Shleeps will steal two of Elliot and Claris ideyas as soon as either enter in the level, and they will inflate themselves and make NiGHTS bounce back a little if the latter flies into them.


The Shleep Mepian and egg look identical to how they did in NiGHTS into Dreams.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Shleeps return to NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, where they only appear in Pure Valley. In this game, they release their wool around themselves and if NiGHTS flies into it, the wool will stick on NiGHTS and make them slow down, though, it won't cause damage.

In Pure Valley's fourth mission, the Shleeps will try to slow down NiGHTS and Will as they try to rescue the Nightopians in the river.

Defeating a Shleep will add 100 points for the player's score.


In Journey of Dreams, the Shleep Mepians have a longer snout and mouth, and their head is overall much similar to a Shleep's now. On the top of their head, there's a small amount of blue wool, and they have big green and red horns that curve to the sides, unlike Shleep's horns, which are spirals. They also keep the Nightopians halo. Journey of Dreams Shleep Mepians also have a round yellow torso which isn't as fluffy has the NiGHTS into Dreams' Shleep Mepians one, and their arms and legs are now green with a red stripe. Their hands are yellow colored and squary shaped, and their feet are also yellow colored but triangular shaped.

NiGHTS Archie Comics

In the second issue, Wizeman sends a Shleep to the real world after Claris, to make her fall asleep. The Shleep finds her at the Twin Seeds Museum, but is sighted by NiGHTS, who is in Elliot's body. NiGHTS tries to stop the Shleep by holding it back.

Shleep in the NiGHTS Archie Comics.

While trying to make NiGHTS let go of it, the Shleep makes them crash into the tables of the museum and starts a food fight. The Shleep eventually escapes from NiGHTS, reaches Claris and makes her fall asleep by spraying a yellow dust on her face.

A Shleep later appears again at the end of the second issue, attacking Snuze along with other Nightmarens.

Other Appearances

  • NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings: A Shleep appears during the introduction to Nightmare next to Reala and as an icon in one the book's first pages.
  • NiGHTS into Dreams (LCD): Shleeps appear as enemies in the LCD adaptation of NiGHTS into Dreams. Avoiding them adds 30 points to the game's score
  • Sonic Pinball Party: Shleeps appear in the Spring Valley table as enemies. Defeating a Shleep adds 200 points to the score.
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Shleeps appear in the Dream Valley circuit as obstacles.

Badnik Shleep in Sonic - Seasons of Chaos.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog #30 Anniversary - Seasons of Chaos: Badnik versions of the Shleeps made a small appearance in the comic.[1]

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"Shleep explosively shed their woolly coats as soon as they feel threatened. If a clump of wool latches onto you, it slows you down until you remove it. A Drill Dash or Paraloop knocks off the wool, and these techniques also knock out a Shleep."[2]



  • Shleep and Mamu were the first enemies to appear in a NiGHTS game; Shleep if the players starts NiGHTS into Dreams with Spring Valley and Mamu if the players starts with Splash Garden.
  • A Shleep Mepian appears with the Shleep's red clown-like nose in a concept art of Christmas NiGHTS, however the in-game Shleep Mepian doesn't have it.
  • Shleeps are one of the three Nightmarens in NiGHTS into Dreams whose attacks won't take five seconds from the timer, the other two are Snips and Cuttles.
  • Shleeps are the only third level Nightmarens from NiGHTS into Dreams who reappeared in Journey of Dreams.
    • This also makes the Shleep Mepian the only Mepian to appear in every game. The Shleep Mepian also got a new design in Journey of Dreams, making it the only Mepian to have a redesign.
  • Shleep's name is a combination of the words "sheep" and "sleep".
  • Helen is the only visitor who never had a Nightopia invaded by Shleeps.
  • Shleeps have only ever appeared in mountain-themed levels in all of their game appearances.
  • The Shleeps are one of the nine NiGHTS characters who have appeared in every NiGHTS game, the others are NiGHTSReala, WizemanNightopiansElliot, Claris, Mepians and the King Pian.