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Soft Museum is a dream world in NiGHTS into Dreams and Claris' third level. The level is known as The Confusion and its music theme is Suburban Museum.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Soft Museum is Claris' third level and it is only available to be played after clearing Mystic Forest.

Soft Museum is a large museum set around an European-style garden. Neither the garden nor the museum are solid. Inside the museum, there are mirror rooms revealing invisible rings and blue chips.

The museum's walls can be used like a trampoline and the player can get many points by bouncing on the museum walls and doing tricks.[1]

The Nightopians and Mepians sculpting statues of NiGHTS is behavior exclusive to this level. Other than that, they can be seen doing all of their common behaviors (singing, dancing, rolling, walking, whistling, clapping, making bubbles and fishing cake).

The enemies that can be found in this level are the Gaos, Parties and Verols. This world's boss is Jackle.

Sonic Pinball Party

Soft Museum appears as the fifth NiGHTS thematic table in Sonic Pinball Party. The boss of the table is Jackle.


NiGHTS into Dreams English manual

"A large museum towers in the middle of an European-style garden. The ground seems to warp underneath you, and red brick roads suddenly end without warning. The museum has no obvious door, so you'll need to find another way to enter."[2]




  • A silver statue of NiGHTS.

    The Nightopians in this level may sculpt silver statues of NiGHTS.
  • Soft Museum has paintings of the King Pian's castle. [3]
  • Soft Museum is the only NiGHTS into Dreams level where Elliot never made an appearance.