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Sonic Pinball Party is a pinball video game, celebration of Sonic Team's games, release in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance. NiGHTS is one of the three main series featured in the game. The other two being Sonic the Hedgehog and Samba de Amigo.


Sonic Pinball Party's main objective is to earn as many points as possible. As in a Pinball game, the player starts each match with three pinballs, each one shot onto the playfield from the plunger.

The player can control the ball by shaking the table and by using two flippers on the lower parts of the tables. If the ball rolls into the holes at the bottom of the table, the player loses a ball. When all three balls are lost, it is game over.

NiGHTS series

All seven NiGHTS into Dreams levels appeared in the game as Pinball Tables. At the third match of the Story Mode, Sonic must defeat brainwashed Amy Rose at the Spring Valley Pinball table.

The main objective in all of the NiGHTS tables is to recover all four missing Ideyas. To do this, the player must activate the Dualize mode by hitting the Ideya Palace three times. When the mode starts, the player has to destroy the Ideya Capture under 180 seconds. Once all four Ideyas are recovered the player will face one of the NiGHTS into Dreams bosses. In all of the boss battles, the player must make the ball paraloop the bosses enough times under 180 seconds.

All of the NiGHTS tables have a hole with a Nightopian sitting above it. When the player shoots the ball into this hole three times, they will activate the Acrobat Mode, where the player must perform acrobatic moves within a time limit for a bonus.

Lighting the CHIP lights will allow the player to start Blue Chip Mode by shooting into the Symbol Hole, which gives the player 120 seconds to collect as many Blue Chips as they can. After the game ends, all of the collected Blue Chips are converted to Rings.

The NiGHTS tables also feature Third Level Nightmarens as hazards who walk around the tables. Destroying the Nightmarens adds 200 points to the player's score.




  • For unknown reasons, the Splash Garden's theme plays in the Frozen Bell's table and vice-versa.
  • The Twin Seeds table plays Message from Nightopia instead of Growing Wings.
  • Sonic Pinball Party is currently the last non-NiGHTS game where Elliot and Claris made a cameo appearance.
  • Unlike in NiGHTS into Dreams, Clawz is the boss of the Mystic Forest Table while Gulpo is the boss of the Frozen Bell's table.

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