Sonic TeamEdit

Sonic Team originally call Sega AM8, is a sister company of Sega and made big franchises series to the studio like Sonic the Hedgehog(that's the reason why the name of the studio is Sonic Team),Burning Rangers,Ristar,ChuChu Rocket!...and NIGHTS into Dreams!The studio as a affiliate called Sonic Team USA(rename later for Sega Studio USA)before they're fusion with em in 2008.

The creation of the team and the Mega Drive gamesEdit

The Team was create in 1990 by Yuji Naka ,Naoto Oshima ,Hirokasu Yasuhara and Manabu Kusunoki to create the future mascot of Sega:Sonic the Hedgehog,the game made the success of the team and after the game Sonic the Hedgehog,the team continue the Sonic games with Sonic the Hedgehog 2,Sonic&Knuckles..., but co-developp some games with Sega Tachnical Institute(or STI in short) for games like Sonic Spinball.The studio made also Ristar on Sega Mega Drive.

The Sonic Team with NIGHTS into DreamsEdit

With the launch of the new Sega 32-bit system(the Sega Saturn),the team cannot miss the occasion of making new series,and Yuji Naka make a new 3D engine for made the incredible NIGHTS into Dreams ,the 3D engine of this Saturn game was supposed to be used in the STI actually cancelled Sonic game:Sonic X-Treme,but Yuji Naka refuse and made the cancellation of Sonic X-Treme project and the end of STI


The team is more on Sonic the Hedgehog games,but continue to make games to others series like a new episode of NIGHT called NIGHTS:Journey of Dreams,or others series like Puyo Puyo or Phantasy Star.In 2003,Sonic Team fusion with another studio of Sega called United Game Artists(called before Sega AM9).