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#P8:SPIRAL-CLARIS (or simply Spiral Claris) is a deleted level in NiGHTS into Dreams.


The level was originally going to be Claris Sinclair's fourth and final level instead of Twin Seeds, a level originally intended to be exclusive for Elliot (as the level is even nicknamed "#P7:ELIOT'S-CITY" in the files).

The level was discovered by a hacker, who found the level's name in a list from the game's files, listing all of the levels from the game. [1] Spiral Claris is the only deleted level from the game and currently, nothing about the level is known besides its name, leaving fans to speculate and invent what the level would look like.


  • Spiral Claris was the only level from the game to be deleted. There's also a deleted boss, who happens to be the only deleted boss from the game known as Selph. [1] Many fans speculate and some even assume that Selph was suppose to be Spiral Claris' boss and overall the final boss of Claris' story. However, according to Yuji Naka, Selph was actually a secret boss, [2] indicating that Wizeman was most likely this level's boss.
  • It should be noted that "Spiral Claris" would most definitely not be the level's actual name, as all of the other levels had different names in the list where its name was found. The level was most likely cut before getting an official name.
  • The list where the level's name was found would list a Claris' level then an Elliot level and would keep going like this. But that changed with Spiral Claris and Twin Seeds. After Stick Canyon, it's Twin Seeds that is listed (again, a level originally intended to be exclusively for Elliot) then Spiral Claris.
    • Overall, Spiral Claris was the last level listed in the files.