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The Star Chips are collectables that only appeared in NiGHTS into Dreams. Collecting a star rewards the player with 10 points. In Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, they are replaced with bells.


Collecting a star will add 10 points to the player's score. If NiGHTS collects a star during a link, the amount of points given will be 10 multiplied by the current amount of links.

Nightopian holding a star sign.

At the start of the third lap, a Nightopian will spawn above the Ideya Palace, holding a sign showing how many stars the player has collected. Bumping into this Nightopian in the fourth lap will reward the player with 10 points for each star they have collected. However, it should be noted that this Nightopian will run away or not even spawn if the player kills a Nightopian with the paraloop before bumping into it. The Nightopian won't run away if the player kills a Mepian though.

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