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Stick Canyon is a dream world in NiGHTS into Dreams and Elliot's third level. The level is known as The Revival and its music theme is Under Construction.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Stick Canyon is Elliot's third level and it is only available to be played after clearing Frozen Bell.

Stick Canyon is set in a desert area, full machines. There are giant magnets which can slow NiGHTS down and a tower which drops things at NiGHTS.

This level is most noted for its weird catapult coasters that slides down at breakneck speed. There is an elevator in the tower which Elliot can ride on to reach the top of it.

The Nightopians and Mepians using jackhammers is behavior exclusive to this level. Other than that, they can be seen doing all of their common behaviors (singing, dancing, rolling, walking, whistling, clapping, making bubbles and fishing cake).

This level is said to represent the process of Elliot growing up.[1]

The enemies that can be found in this level are the Gaos, the Cuttles and the Kircles. This level's boss is Reala.

Sonic Pinball Party

Stick Canyon appears as the sixth NiGHTS thematic pinball table in Sonic Pinball Party. The boss of the table is Reala.


NiGHTS into Dreams English manual

"The canyon is set in the middle of a desert. It is filled with numerous traps which are desgined to slow you down. Giant magnets suck in everything that passes. Another type of machine magnetizes you, so that items and creatures stick to you as you pass them. You need to reach amazing heights to get through this dream."[2]




  • Before the announcement of the NiGHTS into Dreams HD remaster for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, Sega published a picture of Stick Canyon in HD as a teaser image in their facebook page.[3]
    • At that time, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed was already announced and in development. This leaded some fans to believe that the picture was actually teasing that Stick Canyon would be a circuit in the game. Of course, this later turned out to not be the case.
  • A dataminer discovered that an unused robotic version of NiGHTS was originally going to be featured in this level[4] as a remote-control toy that the Nightopians in Stick Canyon would play with.[5]
  • Stick Canyon is mentioned by Napp in the second issue of the NiGHTS Archie Comics series. When Jackle is about to turn Napp into a Mepian, the latter says "It'll be a COLD day in Stick Canyon before I fall in with the likes of YOU!".