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NiGHTS using the Trick Ribbon.

The Trick Ribbon is an ability granted to NiGHTS if they pass through a Power Ring. It appears only in NiGHTS into Dreams and Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams. After gaining this ability, the player has 10 seconds to complete as many tricks as they possibly can for bonus points. During this, a jingle featuring the melody of Dreams, Dreams can be heard. It can be cancelled by braking (left + right trigger).

List of Tricks


To perform acrobatic tricks, the player must aim the analog stick at a specific angle while pressing any combination of the left and right shoulder triggers.[1]

  • 18° (Up+Right)
    • Arrow: R trigger
    • L-Wing: L trigger
    • Rock 'N Roll: both triggers
  • 54° (Right+Up)
    • Parasol: R trigger
    • Dance: L trigger
    • Moon: both triggers
  • 90° (Right)
    • Twister: R trigger
    • Mixer: L trigger
    • Swing: both triggers
  • 126° (Right+Down)
    • Roulette R: R trigger
    • Roulette L: L trigger
    • Cross: both triggers
  • 162° (Down+Right)
    • Screw: R trigger
    • Basket: L trigger
    • Triangle: both triggers
  • 198° (Down+Left)
    • V-Fall: R trigger
    • T-Fall: L trigger
    • Spin: both triggers
  • 234° (Left+Down)
    • Typhoon: R trigger
    • Drill: L trigger
    • Sonic: both triggers
  • 270° (Left)
    • Wind: R trigger
    • Space: L trigger
    • Scorpion: both triggers
  • 306° (Left+Up)
    • Ax R: R trigger
    • Ax L: L trigger
    • Sling: both triggers
  • 342° (Up+Left)
    • Tornado: R trigger
    • Ballet: L trigger
    • Boomerang: both triggers


In addition to acrobatic tricks, the player can also gain points by completing Paraloops in different shapes and sizes.

  • Small Loop
  • Middle Loop
  • Large Loop
  • Giant Loop!
  • 8 Cross: 8 shape.
  • Clover Leaf!: 🍀 shape. Essentially two 8 Crosses combined.


The player will receive 100 points for the first trick finished, 200 points for the second, and so on all the way up to the 10th trick. The 11th and any subsequent tricks are all worth 2000 points each.


When the time runs out and NiGHTS loses access to the Trick Ribbon, or it is otherwise cancelled, a rating message is displayed:

  • - DO NOT MIND! -
    No tricks finished.
  • - NICE ONE -
    One trick finished.
  • - NICE TWO -
    Two tricks finished.
  • - NICE THREE -
    Three tricks finished.
    Four tricks finished.
    Five tricks finished.
    Six tricks finished.
    Seven tricks finished.
  • - COOL EIGHT!! -
    Eight tricks finished.
    Nine tricks finished.
  • - SUPERB TEN!! -
    Ten tricks finished.
  • - DREAMY !!! -
    Eleven or more tricks finished.


  • In NiGHTS into Dreams, an exploit exists where the player can complete tricks much faster than normal by bumping into the floor or ceiling.[2] This will cancel the animation and the game will count the trick as completed. Despite this being fixed in Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, the exploit remains in the 2008 PlayStation 2 port of the original game, as well as any subsequent ports.

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