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The Unnamed Lamp-post Like Object is a mysterious unidentified object that appears as an easter egg in NiGHTS into Dreams. Its purpose and/or meaning are unknown.

While the object's true name is unknown, it has been nicknamed "Lamp-post like object" by the community, due to its shape. However, the object most certainly isn't a Lamp-post.

The bizzare mysterious object appears to be a white eggshapped mannequin head wearing a golden mask with human eyes and a cone hat with blue and yellow stripes. The head is being sustained by a brown stick with yellow stripes.


The mysterious object falling out of Puffy's closet.

The mysterious lamp-post like object makes an appearance in NiGHTS into Dreams, as an easter egg in the Puffy boss battle.

There is a big green closet at the end of Puffy's mansion, that sometimes will open after the battle and the bizzare lamp-post like object will fall out of it, though, it won't affect gameplay. The reason why this happens or the meaning of it are unknown.

On very rare occasions, the object won't fall.

Sometimes, the closet will open, but the mysterious object won't fall, as it can be seen here, and even when the closet doesn't open, it is still possible to see the lamp-post inside the closet, through the closet's small gap.

For unknown reasons, the object appears to try to "hide" its golden mask from the player. When the object is inside the closet, it keeps its mask to the inside of the closet and when it falls out, the object turns its mask to a direction that the player's view can't reach.

The object isn't seen again outside of the Puffy's boss battle.