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NEØNbandit NEØNbandit 4 January 2021

Theme Redesign

Hi all!

I vaguely recall messaging some people here about this a few years ago and it's kind of become a meme among NiGHTS fans at this point, but this Wiki desperately needs a visual rework! :(

I prefer to leave the writing up to the people who are working on the pages, but I've had some experience with customizing wiki pages due to running my own personal wiki for my characters (who happen to be former NiGHTS OCs lol) and I have some ideas for the main page that I believe would really freshen things up! Custom navigations, featured articles, maybe a feed of the NiGHTS Into Dreams fan twitter account? Plus an updated favicon, better quality logo picture, maybe we could try out a fancy font or custom coloured scrollbars? :) I'd love to talk w…

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