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Ha ha ha! Good job, Will! That's my boy! ha ha ha ha ha!
~ Will's Father, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Will's Father (also known as Mr. Taylor) is a character in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams who is the driving force of Will's story. Will never had many friends and he used to spend a lot of time with his father when he was younger. However, his father had to leave him due to his work, making Will feel very lonely.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Will's Father has fair skin, brown hair and brown eyes. When he appears playing soccer with Will during Will's opening cutscene, he appears wearing a white shirt with black pants. He later appears wearing a grey suit with brown necktie, grey pants and brown shoes.


Very little of Will's Father personality is shown in the games. However, he appears to be really caring and close to his son, as Will constantly talks about his moments he had with his father during the game. Will's Father however, is very busy due his work and doesn't appear to notice that his absence is making his son sad.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Will's father first appears in Will's dream, where he is playing soccer with his son, when he has to interrupt the game and leave Will because of his work, making his son very sad. As soon as Will's Father leaves, Will is attacked by Nightmarens, but is able to escape from them by going to the Dream Gate, where he meets NiGHTS.

Later, Will's father voice can be heard during the cutscene prior Pure Valley's fourth mission, where he congratulates Will and starts laughing, when his laugh suddenly changes to Wizeman's, scaring both Will and NiGHTS.

Will's father doesn't make another appearance until Will's ending cutscene, where he comes back to watch his son game. He is last seen in the secret ending, where he appears going back home with his son and two of Will's friends.


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  • In the cutscene prior Pure Valley's third mission, Will reveals that his father used to take him to a park which was full of dandelions, explaining the giant dandelions found in Pure Valley.
  • In the cutscene prior Lost Park's fourth mission, Will reveals that his father used to take him to an amusement park every summer, explaining the amusement park in Lost Park.
  • His single line was delivered by Jeff Kramer, who also voiced Owl.