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Dad, I... I want to help save NiGHTS and Helen. So please... Give me the strength to do it!
~ William, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

William "Will" Taylor (ウィリアム・テイラー Wiriamu Teirā) is one the two deuteragonists in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. He is a 12 years soccer player from Bellbridge. He is one of two Visitors that possesses the Red Ideya of Courage.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Will has blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He wears a red soccer shirt, a long-sleeved beige undershirt, a yellow and blue vest, gray soccer shorts, blue and yellow soccer shoes, and red socks. His shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes are part of his soccer team uniform.


Will is friendly, active, and curious, getting along well with his father. His talent is soccer, and he enjoys playing soccer with his dad. His dad is a businessman and has to leave home often, leaving Will alone at times. Will has a friendly bond with Helen and is both strong friends who know how to work together. He wishes for all of the Nightopians to be safe and at peace with one another.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams


Will practicing soccer.

William "Will" "Taylor is a young boy who doesn't have many friends and he enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his father. Will was practicing for a soccer game when one day, his father had to leave him due to his work, making Will feel very lonely

One night, Will has a nightmare where he is playing soccer (football) with his father, when fog suddently appears around him. The next scene, shows Will's Dad getting in the car, which changes into a plane and flies away, leaving Will behind. The landscape turns dark, and Will is surrounded by his teammates, who start laughing at him, then suddently turn into monsters. Will, frightened, runs away. As he runs, Will sees a bright light in front of him and spreads out his arms.

Will discovers he has a Red Ideya.

Will then, falls into the Dream Gate, where Owl greets and introduces the Night Dimension to him. Eventually, Will meets NiGHTS, who asks him if he'd like to fly around to have fun by dualizing with them. Will gives a try and after flying for a while, they are surprised by a door to a Nightopia (Pure Valley) appearing at the Dream Gate, which was created by Will's red Ideya.

NiGHTS and Will go explore the dream world, when Reala appears and imprisons NiGHTS inside a NiGHTS Capture as a punishment for their rebellion. However, Will is able to free NiGHTS, thanks to his red Ideya. After destroying the NiGHTS Captures, NiGHTS and Will are attacked by Donbalon. After defeating the Nightmaren, Will learns that he has lost four Ideyas on his way to the Night Dimension and starts a quest with NiGHTS, to recover them. According to Owl, once he retrives them all, peace will be restored in Nightopia and his heart will win over the Nightmarens.

Will returns to Pure Valley and eventually finds her White Ideya of Purity. This makes a door to Lost Park appears. Will and Owl are exploring the new Nightopia, when Will is attacked by Reala. NiGHTS appears, but they can't do anything. Reala imprisons NiGHTS then throws Will in the ground and opens a portal below him, which transports Will to another world.

Will wakes up in Crystal Castle and starts walking around, trying to find a door to bring him back to his Dream World, when he meets a girl called Helen Cartwright. As Helen knows where the door is, she guides Will to it. Before going back to his world, Will befriends Helen. Once Will returns to his Dream World, he saves NiGHTS and eventually finds the Blue Ideya of the Intelligence. This makes a door to Delight City appears.

Will and Owl are exploring the new Dream World, when they see Reala. Will and Owl hide behind a bush and watch Reala talking with NiGHTS, when Will overhears Reala saying that NiGHTS is a Nightmaren, a news that shocks Will. NiGHTS and Reala starts fighting and Will and Owl watch the battle behind the bush. Once the battle is over, Reala tricks NiGHTS and imprisons them inside a NiGHTS Capture. Reala reveals that the Cerberus will soon attack, which scares NiGHTS, then leaves. Although Will is still shocked that NiGHTS is a Nightmaren, he still rescues them, as he knows NiGHTS is different.

Will finds Helen in his dream.

Later, Will is walking around Delight City, when he finds Helen fainted. Will starts calling her name and Helen wakes up. Helen learns that she is now in Will's dream world, and Will guides Helen back to her Dream World. Shortly after Helen leaving, the Cerberus attack NiGHTS and Will. However, the duo manages to defeat the Nightmaren and they find the Green Ideya of Growth.


With three of four Ideyas recovered, Will returns to the Dream Gate, where giant stairs mysteriously appear on a hill. According to Owl, these stairs haven't appeared in the Dream Gate for thousands of years. Will notices that NiGHTS and Helen are on top of the stairs and starts going up, when the God of the Nightmarens, Wizeman, appears and drags both NiGHTS and Helen into the Dark Ocean, promising to reset NiGHTS by replacing their mind and soul with a more obedient one. But before that happens, he leaves NiGHTS chained at Bellbridge clock tower for unknown reasons.

Will jumps into the Dark Ocean and as he is so determined to save NiGHTS, his red Ideya of courage grants him with the power of flight. Will flies through the city of Bellbridge to save NiGHTS, who is imprisoned at the top of Bellbridge's clock tower, when he sees Wizeman attacking Helen. Wizeman steals Helen's red ideya, making Helen fall. However, Will is rescues her and somehow restores her red Ideya and Helen starts flying again. Together, the visitors find NiGHTS at the top of the Bellbridge tower and save them in time before Wizeman resets NiGHTS. As the trio is reunited, NiGHTS, Will and Helen, merge together into two NiGHTS and to fight against Wizeman. After being defeated, Wizeman turns into a purple orb, which is slowly disappearing. Before fading away entirely, Wizeman reveals that he will always exists as long as evil still lurks within the hearts of humans. Shortly after, Will wakes up.


Will wakes up determined to win the soccer game. The scene changes to a large stadium filled with people cheering. The monitor shows the scores between the two teams, showing that it is so far a tie. The scene switches to Will running on the field with red knee-high socks and black soccer shoes. A team member passes the ball to him, and once Will catches it with his feet, he sees two members of the other team in front of him. Will notices that his other team members are blocked by the other team, and his eyes close.

Will makes his team win.

The scene switches to Will in his soccer uniform at a cliff with his soccer ball, his hands glowing red. Light hits him, and the scene returns to the real world. Will notices his father cheering for him in the stadium, nods his head and runs through the other team, kicking the ball in the same way he did in the intro. When he is kicking the ball through, in a turning position it changes to him in his normal outfit turning and flying in Bellbridge, flying towards the moon. The scene lights back to him kicking the ball into the goal. People cheer while his father gives him a well-done pose. Will does a pose of satisfaction of the win, and his friends jump all over him in hugs. The scene shines up to the sun.

Secret Ending

In the secret ending, the final Ideya of Hope appears on the Dream Gate's staircase. But the moment NiGHTS is about to get it, they are surprised by Wizeman, who knocks NiGHTS out and drags them down with the Yellow Ideya. Just like in the normal ending, Wizeman promises to reset NiGHTS, but once again, all he does is leaving NiGHTS chained at the Bellbridge clock tower and the two Visitors save NiGHTS before Wizeman resets them.

In this ending however, the trio is surprised by Reala, and so NiGHTS must battle him a final time to reach Wizeman. As darkness envelopes Bellbridge, the three Dualize and face Wizeman the Wicked together. But in this ending, Wizeman reveals that if NiGHTS destroys him, all of his creations will be destroyed as well, including NiGHTS themself. Will and Helen can't bear to lose NiGHTS but are reassured of their own strength and free will, so they work together to defeat him. After NiGHTS, Will, and Helen defeat Wizeman, NIGHTS delivers a final bow before fading away into white light.

Will waking up after NiGHTS disappearing.

Will then, wakes up crying and thanking NiGHTS, then scene of Will's soccer game repeats. In the secret ending however, there is an extra cutscene showing what happens after these scenes. After the game, Will is going back home with his father and friends. Will was kicking a soccer ball during his walk, when he hits the ball and it falls down some stairs. Will runs after it and when he picks it up, he hears Helen playing and begins to follow the music. A blackout suddenly happens, and Helen screams, closing her eyes and curling into a ball. Will comes closer to Helen and the lights come back on. When Helen opens her eyes, she sees Will standing there with his hand out. Helen reaches out to take it, and it begins to snow. The two laughs and the screen fades out.

After the credits, Will is shown sleeping at his home, then the camera flies to the top of Bellbridge spire, where NiGHTS is seen playing their invisible flute, revealing that they somehow survived.

Descriptions and Profiles

English bio (Journey of Dreams)

"In the city of Bellbridge, a town with a giant clock tower lives 12-year old Will, a boy who loves soccer. Ever since he was little, Will has played and practiced soccer with his beloved father and has even managed to become the star player on the local soccer team. He also does well in school and served as a great role model, but it was perhaps because of his talent that he began to grow more distant with his fellow teammates.

Even still, Will at least had his father, whom he loved, trusted, and admired. Every day after work, Will's father would come home and practice soccer with his son, and the two grew quite close indeed.

One day, however, Will's father was suddenly transferred, leaving his son behind. Outside of school, Will and his father had gone everywhere and done everything together, and now, without his father, Will was plunged into unbearable loneliness. Night after night, he started to have terrifying nightmares. One night, however, a warm light appeared in his dreams, banishing his nightmares- this was the light of Nightopia, which beckoned Will to follow it, where he then had his first encounter with the mysterious being called NiGHTS."[1]



  • Will's ending cutscene reveals that:

    Panel showing some information about Will and his team in Will's ending cutscene.

    • His team is called "Half Moon" and he is playing against a team called "Sunvan".
    • Will is a Midfielder soccer player.
    • Will's shirt number is 11.
    • The last name of Will's team mates are Allen, Carter, Simmons, Dagg-Heston, Wakefield, Gonzalez, Matthews, Knight, Bennett and Evans.
  • During the game's development, Will was called "Kevin". [2]
    • Even though his name was changed, all of the game's internal files still refer to Will as "Kevin".[3]
  • Concept art for Will's bedroom.

    Will's bedroom has many posters about space, as well as spaceship toys, suggesting that Will enjoys space-related stuff.
  • Will is the only playable character in Journey of Dreams who doesn't have a victory animation on his own. His only two victory animations are him celebrating with Boat NiGHTS and Coaster NiGHTS.
  • Will, like Elliot, Claris and Helen, was considered to make an appearance as a racer in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, where he'd drive NiGHTS shapeshifted as the car. [4] However, a Nightopian was selected to be the driver over him and the other visitors.
  • Will was indirectly mentioned in the NiGHTS' notification in Sonic Runners, being addressed by the name "unsure young boy". [5]
  • Will sounds similar to Chris from Mario Tennis: Power Tour and Hart from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, though he is not voiced by Trevor Smith nor Rebecca Soler.

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